Microsoft Dumps Electron Version of Xbox App for Windows 10

Posted on June 11, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Games, PC gaming, Windows 10, Xbox with 17 Comments

Today, Microsoft will release a newly rebuilt version of the Xbox (Beta) app for Windows 10 that uses much less memory and offers better performance.

“Thank you for all your suggestions, comments, and reports to help us make the experience better for PC gaming,” Microsoft’s Megan Spurr writes. “We’ve heard your feedback on download speeds, memory usage, and general app performance, and we’re excited to announce with this update, we’ve implemented some improvements to address this. Not to get too deep into the weeds, but we have rebuilt the Xbox (Beta) app from Electron to React Native, which streamlined the app experience. The app’s design will stay the same, and it will be even easier to download and play your games.”

This is huge. And Microsoft reports that this major architectural change is delivering important improves: The new version of the app uses one-third the memory and performs faster, especially with game downloads.

Additionally, the new version of the Xbox (Beta) app supports modding.

“We have heard you: You want an easier way to mod your games while using the Xbox (Beta) app,” Spurr continues. “We are excited to share some of the first steps we are taking to improve the mod experience.  The Xbox (Beta) app now has an easy way for you to enable mods for select games where the game developer has chosen to enable them. This bring-your-own-mod environment allows you to look at mods from different mod distribution sites, download the files that are of interest to you, and enable them on the Xbox (Beta) app.”

Some of the games that will support mods initially include DiRT Rally 2.0, Farming Simulator 17, FTL: Faster Than Light, Into the Breach, and MudRunner.

For those unfamiliar, Xbox (Beta) is basically how an Xbox Game Pass subscriber interacts with the service, though Microsoft says it will expand the app’s functionality over time to include much of the features now found in the Xbox Console Companion app as well.

You can download the Xbox (Beta) app for Windows 10 from the Xbox website.

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