Sea of Thieves Has Sold Over 1 Million Units on Steam

Posted on July 20, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One, Xbox, PC gaming with 6 Comments

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves is a blockbuster success from Xbox Studios with over 15 million players since its launch in March 2018. But here’s a number that may surprise you: Over one million people have purchased the game on Steam, the PC-only game service, since it went on sale in early June 2020.

“Sea of Thieves has been played by more than fifteen million players since our launch in March 2018,” Rare’s Joe Neate writes. “We’re also humbled that more people have played Sea of Thieves in the first six months of 2020 than who played in the whole of 2019, which was more than 2018.”

Adding to the success, June 2020 was the game’s biggest month so far, with over 3.3 million players setting sail. And, yes, it’s available on Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Ultimate.

Part of this success, surely, is how well Microsoft/Rare supports the game. Like the last two Gears of War titles, Sea of Thieves gamers have been served with a variety of expansions and improvements, including new game play experiences. As Microsoft nots, the game “received five major content expansions in its first year and has continued to grow with monthly content updates. Every expansion and update has been made available to all players free of charge.”

You can learn more about this game at the Sea of Thieves website.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Sea of Thieves Has Sold Over 1 Million Units on Steam”

  1. tripleplayed

    Good for them. Great game, one of my favorites.

    • mestiphal

      In reply to TriplePlayed:

      but you have to play with friends right? I gave it a try, spend the whole day dying to some skeletons in an island with little reward. take a chicken here or there as a quest, wasn't much fun alone

  2. hambyte

    15 Million players and somehow I still get on and barely see another ship...which is both a blessing and a curse.

    • SRLRacing

      In reply to hambyte:

      The entire server design is built around the idea that it should be possible to run across another ship once about every 15 minutes (At least that was the goal early on). Its really an astonishing way to manage a server.

  3. codymesh

    Been hearing a lot about how fun this game is, will definitely get around to trying this eventually

  4. Noel

    Great game. I play regularly with friends