White Next-Gen Xbox Controller Leaks

Posted on July 26, 2020 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox Series X with 1 Comment

Every once in a while you hear stories about someone who has an “uncle” that works for a major gaming company who will tell their random nephew about some upcoming feature for a new game. The story about the controller you see above goes down that path but there is a photograph to back up the claims.

The image you see in this post is of a next-gen Xbox controller that is either for the Xbox series X, or possibly the S. The reason this is news-worthy is that the hardware is white, while everything Microsoft has shown to date, is black.

The image was posted to Reddit with the user saying that they went to a party in Washington and apparently the father of the child who hosted the party works for Microsoft. That’s the story and apparently that’s a pizza box next to the controller.

We know that this is a next-gen controller because of the d-pad and there is the share button on the controller. The other big difference, that we can’t see, is that this controller uses USB-C instead of micro-USB.

The image does appear to be authentic with the only anomaly to the story, given the current environment, is who is hosting a party right now? That aside, hopefully, Microsoft will be announcing the series S, along with a white iteration, next month.

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