Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021, Xbox series X Arrives in November

Posted on August 11, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox, Xbox Series X with 24 Comments

Microsoft and 343 have made two announcements today that will impact fans in positive and negative ways for the next-generation Xbox. Halo Infinite is being pushed to 2021 but the series X will arrive in November.

We had heard previously from Microsoft that the series X would arrive during the fall and now we know it hits store shelves in November although we don’t know the exact date. But the bigger news, as many already assumed that November would be the launch month, is that Halo Infinite has been delayed.

Citing COVID-19, Infinite will now be released in 2021 with their statement below:

Today I want to share an important Halo Infinite development update with the community. We have made the difficult decision to shift our release to 2021 to ensure the team has adequate time to deliver a Halo game experience that meets our vision.

The decision to shift our release is the result of multiple factors that have contributed to development challenges, including the ongoing COVID-related impacts affecting us all this year. I want to acknowledge the hard work from our team at 343 Industries, who have remained committed to making a great game and finding solutions to development challenges. However, it is not sustainable for the well-being of our team or the overall success of the game to ship it this holiday.

We know this will be disappointing to many of you and we all share in that sentiment. The passion and support the community has shown over the years has been incredible and inspiring. We wanted nothing more than to play our game with the community this holiday. The extra time will let us finish the critical work necessary to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever at the quality we know our fans expect.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Here’s the thing, a few weeks back I reported that a source familiar with the plans of Halo said that multiplayer would not be shipping this fall but 343 came out and said that I was wrong about that portion of the game being delayed. As it turns out, the entire game has been delayed and my information was accurate.

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Comments (28)

28 responses to “Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021, Xbox series X Arrives in November”

  1. christianwilson

    I'll never complain about a game being delayed if it needs more time for polish and it means the "crunch" won't be bad for the people working hard on it.

    That being said, this is disappointing to hear. I feel like the Xbox Series X needed Halo Infinite as the heavy hitter going into launch.

  2. irfaanwahid

    I am actually very disappointed with this decision. Yes, I agree that the game should launch when it is ready, but c'mon, 343 has been working on this game since Halo 5 which released back in 2015.. you need 6 years for a follow up game!

    And Infinite not attached with the launch of XSX is a bummer.

  3. Ron Diaz

    Looks like Sony is going to win this console generation also...

  4. will

    Honestly the game looked dull, like yet another Halo game with the same weapons and looks. Seriously, after all of this time the MC should have some major upgrades and a promotion. Admiral Master Chief or something! But what is up with 343 and the poor launches of games? Maybe I am wrong but since 343 has taken over, has anything been amazing with Halo or any of their launches?

    On the console launch....I need to understand what is the reason that I would want an Xbox Series X in the next two months? $500 is not just a small amount to drop on a console in 60 days from now...

    • Usman

      In reply to will:

      Digital foundry did a thing which explains why it looked dull. The game textures are based on dynamic lighting. Previous games used predetermined lighting in the game textures, which is fine since it doesn't have dynamic day night cycles.

      Since this game uses dynamic lighting, the process of having materials react to light requires different layers of texture. The layers with no light are very basic, which is why it looks flat, most of the game is shown in shadows, where the light doesn't shine much, so those extra details like scratches and scuffs are not visible. When the demo is in light, then we can see those details start appearing.

      There's also a lengthy write up on minecraft rtx, the team had to add multiple layers to existing textures, to indicate how the blocks would react to certain textures and the different brightness levels of textures, it's similar approach here.

      There are still problems with Halo Infinite's texture choices, grenade explosions are very opaque, almost looking like liquid ink (Splatoon paint), instead of gaseous plasma.

  5. dspeterson

    I'm kinda curious what happens to all the tie-in promotions for the launch with other folks (Monster Energy, etc) that they had lined up.

  6. winner

    So it's Infinite, but not this year......

  7. ecumenical

    This makes me really happy. The game looked fun but not the best it could be. I'd much rather play an amazing game in June than an ok game in November.

  8. madthinus

    The bad reception of the gameplay trailer I would venture a guess is the main reason it has shifted.

  9. remc86007

    My guess is there is going to be some significant tweaks to the graphics. A couple months of polish won't hurt and could dramatically improve the visuals. The demo they showed last month just didn't give a good impression and could give people the wrong impression about the capabilities of the Series X.

  10. bart

    So the game is delayed. Does it matter? No. You don't buy a console for one game. If you do, $500 is chump change to you anyway and you just have to wait.

    Is it a shame? Sure. Marketing would have been better with Halo, but again, no biggy.

  11. brothernod

    @Brad, weird question, but with all these games launching on GamePass does that effect their quarterly financials? I'd assume historically when a AAA first party title comes out they get to realize $xxx gains from copies sold, but with Game Pass giving the game away for free to a growing % of their user base, will they both have less income spikes from new games and have less copies sold to brag about?

  12. brothernod

    As much as I was looking forward to Halo I'm glad they're choosing to not kill their staff through overwork.

  13. webdev511

    They probably could ship this year, but it would be a buggy hot mess with a cascade of updates. I think folks have had enough of that from other publishers, so even hard core Halo fans should be okay with this.

  14. Vladimir Carli

    This was supposed to be the series x launch title. What reasons do we have left to buy series x this year?

  15. ghostrider

    MS have always had a dire lack of AAA exclusives on Xbox, and it doesn't look like the next generation will be any different. Once again, it will be Forza (probably a remastered, tweaked version and not a new game) to launch the new console. Not that Halo is new by any means, but it's Xbox exclusive and one of the few titles that can sell a console. Not a good start.

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