Microsoft Unveils Updated Xbox Dashboard Design and Functionality

Posted on August 19, 2020 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X with 10 Comments

As we head towards the next-generation release of the Xbox console, Microsoft is unveiling today the updates that we will see on the new dashboard. While there is a new design coming soon, there are also significant speed improvements as well.

Shown in a video posted on the Xbox YouTube channel, the Home dashboard will be loading up to 50% faster than the current dashboard and the various components like the Store, guide, use up to 40% less memory as well – overall the company has optimized the footprint of the dashboard significantly.

These speed improvements are also translating to switching games as well with that functionality being up to 33% faster. Considering that the dashboard of the Xbox has always been a pain point for performance, these enhancements will make using the console a much better experience. Granted, the company has slowly been improving the dashboard since its initial release but anyone who has used the console extensively has experienced the sluggish performance on more than one occasion even with the Xbox One X.

There are also subtle design language changes that we can see across the new screens on both Xbox, PC, and mobile – I hope you like rounded corners. There is some new iconography that reminds me a bit of the metro-style from Windows 8.

Another enhancement is the sharing experience of game clips. The new Xbox controller will feature a dedicated Share button and with the new workflow that Microsoft has built, when you capture a screen/video, it will become available on your phone quickly to make it easier to distribute.

While none of these changes are going to bring out a revolution in the console experience, they will make booting up, playing, and sharing on the series X just a little bit better.

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