Xbox Series S Launch Video Leaks

Posted on September 12, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox, Xbox Series S with 6 Comments

Microsoft planned to launch the Xbox Series S next week in a virtual event, but the timing was ruined by leaks. Here’s the video of the original launch event, which would have revealed both the console and its low $299 pricing, broken up into four parts. Thanks to The Walking Cat for leaking these.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Xbox Series S Launch Video Leaks”

  1. maddycom

    It should be interesting if Microsoft needs the hype or is this going to be one of those good luck finding an S or X console available to purchase at that good price point due to production limits or supply constraints.

  2. christophercollins

    I honestly think the monthly plan with the console and Gamepass will be a big hit this year, due to many peoples financial situations. Being able to break that down and still get this as a Christmas gift for your kid(s) without having to use a credit card or pay interest is a big deal.

  3. mestiphal

    I have always been an Xbox Gold member, since the Xbox one came out... but always bought them at a discount, never paid more than $40 per year, which was great,

    Two years ago or so that the Ultimate Pass came out I socked up, on Gold and upgraded for $1. Somehow, magically, the second I hit confirm on my purchase I lost interest in playing. I downloaded a ton of games, never really played them again. Now I'm kind of picking up interest again but noticed my Ultimate membership will expire this year, which I'll definitely not renew at $15, since I don't know if I'll even use it or not.

    It's a shame everything now is a monthly membership, there is really no chance on getting any sort of discounts of promotions in price. From now on, I guess, if I want to play new games, I'll buy them every three months. On the Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter "ultimate game sale" which brings the price a little more reasonable

    • thretosix

      In reply to Mestiphal:

      I agree, though if you play online on an Xbox console, you can't play with other players without a gold membership. Only reason I'm interested in the Game Pass is to check out the new games when the console releases. Easy way to see if games are worth purchasing or not then scale it back when you think you've figured things out. Afterwards when games trickle out it is easier to use player reviews from several sources and your gut.

  4. kzrystof

    "[...] but the timing was ruined by leaks."

    Thanks Brad :P

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