Microsoft Acquires Esports Platform, Smash.GG

Posted on December 2, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox with 8 Comments

We know that Microsoft has been investing heavily in gaming companies and hardware during 2020. The company announced earlier this year that they would be acquiring Bethesda for more than $7 billion and today, they are announcing the acquisition of another company,

So what is Smash.GG? This is a community-driven esports platform that focuses on growing competitive communities. Posted as an announcement on the company’s website today, Microsoft is acquiring the company for an undisclosed sum:

Since we started in 2015, our goal has been to build active esports scenes around the games people love to play. Today we’re excited to take the next step in that journey by joining Microsoft to help strengthen our existing relationships and explore new opportunities. will continue as a self-service esports platform available to tournament organizers from all game communities.

Smash.GG is an online platform that makes it easy to create and organize esports events. While we don’t know the exact reason why Microsoft is buying this company, one thing is clear, Microsoft sees a future for esports and wants to be part of the action. And considering in 2020 esports is expected to generate revenues of around a billion dollars (PDF), this is a potential big bet for Microsoft.

[Update] Microsoft says that this asset will be used to help build out content on MSN and at this time, it is not being integrated or included with Xbox content and services.

Esports has been growing in popularity and while it may not be ‘mainstream’ quite yet, the segment is growing rapidly with popular titles offering millions of dollars in prize money for top tournaments. With Smash.GG joining the Xbox portfolio, it’s clear that Microsoft is planning to venture deeper into this segment.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Acquires Esports Platform, Smash.GG”

  1. waethorn

    "So what is Smash.GG?"

    If you have to answer that question it means that nobody cares what it is. In the gaming world, if people haven't already heard of it, it's not important, which leads up nicely to the following statement....

    "we don’t know the exact reason why Microsoft is buying this company"

    Mixerfail 2.0

  2. Rycott

    Wonder if this will go the way of Mixer or if it already has enough of a community to keep it going.

  3. Nic

    If only Microsoft had a streaming platform for gaming that would be a natural fit for the kind of content produced here.

  4. SenorGravy

    Future headline : "Microsoft shuts down gaming platform Smash.GG".

  5. ghostrider

    Never heard of Smash.GG, and after this acquisition, I'm pretty sure I never will again. It will end in disaster, and under Microsoft's control, will be dead within 2 years.

  6. Thoth

    If you play fighting games you've likely heard of, it's basically ubiquitous around those parts. It's used to register for both online and on-premise tournaments, and takes care of bracketing, seeding, etc. It's an indispensable tool that definitely begged to be bought. Quite honestly as soon as we all heard the acquisition we said "Oh thank goodness."

    I'm disappointed it's not being integrated into Xbox because it would be a great tournament console tool like PS4 has.

    In short,, in the fighting game world, is HUGE. This acquisition brings it even more legitimacy.

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