Microsoft Improves the Xbox Family Settings App

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Mobile, Xbox with 0 Comments

Microsoft announced today that it has added two new features—screen time pausing and purchase requests—to its Xbox Family Settings App.

“With the holiday break on the horizon, many parents and caregivers may be looking for ways to help balance screen time and family time,” Microsoft corporate vice president Dave McCarthy writes. “We know achieving this balance is important to families. That is why earlier this fall, we launched the Xbox Family Settings app for free on iOS and Android. Today, we are taking the next step on our journey to support families by introducing two new app features for child accounts on Xbox Live.”

Those new features are:

Pause Screen Time. Billed as the number one feature request for this app, the Pause Screen Time feature lets parents to temporarily pause screen time for their children’s accounts, even if they have more screen time available for the day. Hey, kids need to be parented. It makes sense.

Ask to Buy. The Ask to Buy feature was previously available via Xbox family settings on console and PC, and it helps parents manage their children’s spending. Now, this feature is available in the Xbox Family Settings App as well, helping parents manage purchases from their phones.

“Gaming is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and have fun throughout the year, but it should also be part of a balanced lifestyle,” McCarthy concludes. “We hope the Xbox Family Settings app will empower parents to have conversations about the right amount of gaming and appropriate content with their children. We’ll continue to update the Xbox Family Settings app to ensure that it meets the needs of today’s families and help everyone to enjoy fun and age-appropriate gaming.”

You can download the Xbox Family Settings app on iPhone and Android.

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