Microsoft Flight Simulator is Coming to Xbox Series X|S Next Summer

Posted on December 11, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox with 9 Comments

Microsoft revealed last night that it will be bringing Flight Simulator to Xbox Series X|S—but not Xbox One—sometime in summer 2021. It will be available via Xbox Game Pass on launch day, too.

“Microsoft Flight Simulator will come to life on the Xbox Series X|S [next] summer,” Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann announced. “[Gamers] on Xbox Series X|S can expect the same level of depth as the PC version, allowing you to experience the most authentic and realistic flight simulator we have ever created.”

Microsoft had previously said that it would be bringing Flight Simulator to Xbox, but I can’t recall if it ever specifically excluded Xbox One before. Anyway, it’s nice to have a date, if only a rough one.

And in keeping with its treatment of other AAA titles, Microsoft also says that it will continue to update Flight Simulator with new features on both PC and console.

“As we continue adding to the sim with free World Updates, themed DLC bundles, and other improvements, Xbox Series X|S [gamers] can expect these updates to arrive on console as well,” Neumann added. “We’re also working with several third-party partners to bring additional peripherals to Xbox Series X|S that will make your console [gaming] experience even more immersive.”

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Flight Simulator is Coming to Xbox Series X|S Next Summer”

  1. StevenLayton

    Flight Sims have never really interested me in the past, but I keep hearing good things about MS Flight Simulator, and the notion of flying over world landmarks has some real appeal. As I have Game Pass there is nothing stopping me from giving it ago. To those who have played the game, is it possible to pick a landmark and just jump in over or near it, or do you need to go through the whole take-off and fly to the destination?

    • davidl

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      You can search for landmarks, cities, airports and then select it as a departure/arrival. If you choose a landmark as a departure, you will start in the air flying towards towards the landmark.

  2. hal9000

    I will upgrade from my One S to the Series X as soon as Flight Sim becomes available. I'm a weirdo, I know...

  3. davidl

    *THIS* is the killer app that Xbox Series X|S needs: an app that showcases what is possible on next-gen hardware.

  4. aylarja

    Does anyone know why it will take nearly an additional year to bring this to the Xbox as compared to Windows 10? I had understood that the Xbox was largely a Windows 10 system, although maybe there are significant differences?

    • thretosix

      In reply to aylarja:

      The game is taxing on a PC, I'm sure it's all about optimization for smooth gameplay. The focus during the beta was all on PC. Launching a game like this with bugs and huge performance issues would do more harm than good. Just like Halo Infinite, it's better they get it right the first time, it's a lot harder to recover after bad reviews, the first impression is a make or break moment for many games. Just look at Anthem.

    • Vladimir Carli

      In reply to aylarja:

      on PC the game is still extremely buggy. It's visually stunning but the simulation part is in a very bad state. They have a public roadmap to fix things that goes beyond the next summer

  5. markdmetzger

    I should have read the fine print. I knowingly bought this for my underpowered PC thinking that a version for my Xbox One X was just around the corner . . .

  6. bleeman

    This is why I upgraded to the Series X. I never really believed it would run on the One X after seeing what it does to my Studio 2. I was seriously considering selling my Studio 2 and going the gaming PC route, but now I'll wait to see how this does on the Series X. The advantage there is I'll have time to save up for a gaming PC if the Series X can't handle it. I'm also encouraged as I hear that Honeycomb who makes some really nice hardware add-ons (Yoke, Throttle, etc.) is working on peripherals for the Xbox as well.