Microsoft’s Making the Xbox OS More Agile

Posted on January 15, 2021 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox with 7 Comments

One of the main objectives that Microsoft has focused on for Windows is to make the OS more compartmentalized. Meaning, individual components can be upgraded or changed without requiring a complete system build to be installed.

While Windows and the Xbox teams use similar underlying components to run various systems, they are not exactly the same. That being said, Microsoft quietly announced an updated today that will allow them to be more agile with system updates.

Announced as part of an update rolling out to a select group of Omega users in the Xbox insider program, this patch will introduce a new flighting system that lets Microsoft update components like the shell, settings, or guide, without requiring a complete system build being updated.

The reason that this is important is that it allows the Xbox developer team to be more agile in their approach to pushing out updates. Meaning, for some aspects of the OS, when the feature is ready, it can be released, rather than waiting for the rest of the build to be tested, vetted, and then shipped.

While this may sound like a small update, this is likely the result of an overhaul to how previous iterations of Xbox updates have been applied. As of now, we are only seeing the first iterations of this new flighting system but if the early public testing goes well, it should roll out to a wider group soon.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Microsoft’s Making the Xbox OS More Agile”

  1. benisaacs

    I always wondered why “shell version” was added to settings- this must be like the Windows Feature Experience Pack but for Xbox

  2. ghostrider

    Oh boy, what could go wrong from that? Maybe the Xbox team should speak to the Windows 10 team to make sure whatever they're planning doesn't go FUBAR like the wonderful 'as a service' Windows rapid delivery system!

  3. winner

    "Microsoft’s Making the Xbox OS More Agile"

    They're moving to Linux?

    I'll show myself out now...

  4. mestiphal

    And here I was thinking they would let us swap out our hard drives. my xbox has botted into an error three times already, seems to be bad sectors, resetting the xbox seems to fix the problem for a while, but it looks to be the drive going bad. as far as I know the only fix is to buy a new xbox, since I cannot just simply take my system to a tech center and have them swap out the drive for a new one.

  5. faustxd9

    This seems to be along same lines as what happened to Windows Phone and Android etc. to keep the carriers from holding it up to finish testing. Hopefully they are building this into all of their products but I would think 10X would be a great canidate.

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