Microsoft Announces the Xbox Wireless Headset

Posted on February 16, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Mobile, Xbox with 20 Comments

Microsoft today announced that it will soon sell an Xbox Wireless Headset, and unlike its Surface Headphones, it will be reasonably priced at $99.99.

“The Xbox Wireless Headset delivers best-in-class audio and chat performance, outstanding design and comfort, and unique experiences that are tailored for each gamer,” Microsoft’s Will Tuttle writes in the announcement post. “We are also looking forward to bringing more value to the headset category with innovations not previously found in this price range.”

According to the team, the Xbox Wireless Headset offers loud and clear lossless audio with low latency. It supports spatial sound technologies like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone, and what Microsoft calls “clear and intelligent chat audio quality.” It has dual beamforming microphone elements with voice isolation tuning that helps the headset focus on speech audio and not any surrounding sounds. The mics auto-mute when you’re not talking.

From a comfort perspective, the Xbox Wireless Headset has a lightweight design with soft, large, and rotating earcups made of “polyurethane leather” (read: fake leather) that distribute pressure evenly over the ears. It also has an adjustable headband with a thick cushion that accommodates most head sizes and spreads pressure more evenly over the top of the head. And there are controls for adjusting the volume and game/chat audio balance.

The Xbox Wireless Headset works with Xbox Series X|S, of course, but also Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. It can also connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth and to consoles with Xbox Wireless technology just like an Xbox Wireless Controller. And it supports simultaneous pairing with a phone and an Xbox. Yes, you can game and call into a conference call at the same time.

The Xbox Wireless Headset will be available beginning March 16 in most worldwide Xbox markets, Microsoft says. And it can be pre-ordered at select retailers, including Microsoft Store, starting on February 16 at 7 a.m. PST.

You can learn more here.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Microsoft Announces the Xbox Wireless Headset”

  1. martinusv2

    Sweet. It's about time they made one.

  2. Daniel Kay

    If I’m interpreting the product technical specs page correctly it also sounds as if they will work over USB-C, not just for charging but for audio? Or is it just wishful thinking?

  3. pecosbob04

    "delivers best-in-class  . . . (what have you)" One of my most favorite meaningless marketing memes. Bonus points for the alliteration.

  4. wunderbar

    Sound Quality will be everything. I bought the wired first party wired headset for the Xbox one and the sound quality on that was crap.

    I literally got a Razer Kaira Pro in the mail yesterday, and I’m going to try that for a couple days and then return it. I pre-ordered this headset and when it comes I’ll try it and see how it sounds. If it sounds good I’ll keep it, if the sound is bad I’ll return it and re-buy the Kaira. It literally has the exact same feature set as the Xbox headset, but costs $50 more. It’ll come down to sound quality for me as to which I eventually end up keeping longer term.

  5. Matthew Santacroce (InnoTechLLC)

    Paul any chance you could review these from a Teams meeting chat perspective for audio and mic quality?

  6. Mcgillivray

    I have some of the Razer XBOX only wireless headphones with the rumble feedback in them - and LOVE them. Whether playing games, or watching movies through the XBOX - having that sort of sensation is really awesome. One of my best gaming purchases.

    Only if Oculus Quest 2 had that!

  7. Username

    I’m weary of wireless headsets without wired connection as backup. My Surface Headphones v1 are great with IOS Bluetooth but crap with laptop Bluetooth..

    Listing “Speaker Impedance: 32 ohm” spec for a wireless-only headset is pointless..

  8. scovious

    My 3rd USB port will be finally free! Welcome back, external SSD.

  9. thalter

    This actually looks fairly decent.

  10. Stokkolm

    Those are some pretty premium features for that price range. Very interesting.

  11. faustxd9

    I just pre-ordered one. Hopefully, these will be excellent quality, but I really that they are using USB-C for charging and of course the Xbox radio. I wonder how these will stack up against my Turtle Beach 700 v2.

  12. Saarek

    Looks good, very much on Brand. Assuming the reviews are positive I might just grab a pair for my Xbox One X.

  13. harmjr

    I may look into this. Can't seem to spend $400 on headphones but $100 sounds right.

  14. Lauren Glenn

    Not a bad price. I had an issue where the bluetooth headphones didn't work well with my phone (mic quality issues)... and I ended up buying a $25 gamer headset with boom mic instead (which works pretty well)

    Now all I need is an XBOX Series X to be in stock somewhere.

  15. remc86007

    This looks great for the price! I wonder how it sounds? I've been reasonably impressed with the Surface Headphones 2. Their sound quality doesn't match a decent pair of wired cans, but they are serviceable after some tweaking of the eq.

  16. sherlockholmes

    99$? Thats cheap for Microsoft.

  17. Daekar

    That's a headset I might actually buy! Good on Microsoft.

  18. red.radar

    If it works well in teams I am tempted.

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