Xbox Wireless Headset is Now Available

Posted on March 16, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Project xCloud, Xbox, PC gaming, Mobile gaming with 16 Comments

Microsoft’s eagerly awaited Xbox Wireless Headset is now available for purchase in 30 markets worldwide for $99.99.

“Launching today, the Xbox Wireless Headset offers best-in-class audio and chat performance, a comfortable and intuitive design, and unique experiences customizable to each gamer,” Microsoft’s Navin Kumar writes. “With all these benefits, we are raising the bar for mid-tier wireless headsets.”

Microsoft says that key features include:

Best-in-class audio and chat performance. The Xbox Wireless Headset features low latency, lossless audio, supports spatial sound technologies like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X, has crystal clear chat with intelligent microphone features, voice isolation tuning, auto-mute, and customization functionality through the Xbox Accessories app.

Comfortable and intuitive design. Microsoft used high-quality materials and finishes, and the headset has a durable frame with an inner metal headband, rubberized dial rings for grip, and a fully adjustable mic you can tuck up and out of the way. It’s lightweight and at just 11 ounces, has large ear cups and a thick headband cushion to fit a wide range of ear and head sizes, and has earcup dials for volume and game/chat balance, and on-ear controls for power, mute, and pairing. The headset provides up to 15 hours of battery life, fully charges in 3 hours, and can get 4 hours of charge in just 30 minutes.

Compatibility and connectivity. You can pair the Xbox Wireless Headset with multiple devices, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs, and you can use Bluetooth to connect with mobile devices. You can also pair with your phone and Xbox simultaneously.

Additionally, Microsoft has partnered with Dolby to offer free Dolby Atmos for Headphones activations on all Xbox Wireless Headsets until September 30, 2021.

You can find the Xbox Wireless Headset on or from a local retailer.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Xbox Wireless Headset is Now Available”

  1. richardbottiglieri

    Mine is on the way. Early reviews are very encouraging.

  2. wunderbar

    Mine should be here next Tuesday. Annoying considering I preordered, but I'm encouraged by the reviews and am looking forward to giving it a go.

  3. Saarek

    Might well pick up a pair of these, will see what the reviews say.

  4. bluvg

    Seems like they should sell a boatload of these, given the relative value compared to the market?

  5. whistlerpro

    Mine arrived today (sorry Brad) - am very impressed so far.

  6. heironimus

    Does anyone know if this headset will suffer from the "Bluetooth Doesn’t Support High-Quality Audio When a Microphone Is In Use" issue that plagues PCs? On a typical Bluetooth headset connected to a PC, there are two different "devices" you can choose from. One sounds fine, but does not enable the microphone. The other allows you to use the microphone, but has noticeable audio quality issues.

  7. darkgrayknight

    These appear to be great headphones. Connecting to Xbox and phone at the same time via Bluetooth seems like a great setup. PC and phone would also be great.

    • faustxd9

      In reply to darkgrayknight:

      My Turtle beach 700 v1 and v2 both have the same capabilities (Xbox connect and Phone connect simultaneously) and it is awesome but at a higher price. Waiting for my Xbox headset to arrive tomorrow :-)

  8. Mcgillivray

    I would get them but...

    A few months ago I bought the Xbox only Razer headphones with the force feedback... It would be hard to play games or watch movies now without my head rumbling lol

  9. jules75

    I'd buy one if I could find somewhere to order one from. Can't get them anywhere in the UK, not even from Microsoft (and I've been trying for weeks). I'm not even allowed to place an order with Microsoft.

  10. jecouch66

    "You can find the Xbox Wireless Headset on or from a local retailer."

    Apparently not. :)

  11. Wondering_Bard

    No it is certainly not available. Preorders sold out immediately and out of stock everywhere on launch day. Yet another meaningless launch day for all but a lucky few actual consumers and otherwise a bunch ofgreedy botting resellers.

  12. coldunn

    Mine arrived on the 17th. I want to use them for both xbox and PC, including work meetings. The major problem for me is that every time I turn them on, the Xbox turns on too. My TV is on show when I am using the PC camera for meetings and so this is not ideal. Having to wait a moment to turn off the xbox will become tiring very quickly, enough to return them. I'm holding on to them for the moment, in case an option becomes available to not automatically turn on the xbox - I have a feeling I will be returning though.

    • coldunn

      In reply to coldunn:

      Decided to return them after more testing with the bluetooth to PC. If I sit with the left ear pointing towards the PC then my voice in a chat is perfect. Unfortunately, the PC is to the right of me and when my right ear is pointing towards the PC then my voice is broken up and not understandable.

      I know the clue is in the name and they are primarily designed for use with an xbox, but I had hoped to use them as a standalone headset for the PC too, but with the xbox turning on every time and the bluetooth range... its a no go for me.

      If you were to use them only for xbox and perhaps listening to music from a phone at the same time, then still go for them.

  13. wolters

    I earn a lot of rewards with Best Buy and want to use those dollars, but they've yet to get them in stock for me to order...waiting on it to finally drop for ordering.