Microsoft Partners with Twitch on Indie Games Showcase

Posted on March 18, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox with 4 Comments

Microsoft’s [email protected] and Twitch are teaming up for an indie game showcase on March 26 that will feature over 100 new titles.

“We at [email protected], the Independent and Digital games publishing program for Xbox, love indie games,” Microsoft’s Glenn Gregory writes. “It’s in our blood. Technically, it’s also kind of in our name. Turns out our friends at Twitch also love indie games. When we found that out, we thought ‘we gotta collab’.”

The first /twitchgaming Showcase: [email protected], as it’s called, debuts on Friday, March 26 at 9:00 am PT, exclusively at and This event will feature new trailers and gameplay for games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Second Extinction, The Ascent, The Wild at Heart, Voidtrain, Exo One and many more, Microsoft says.

“We’ll also be making announcements about independent titles coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass,” Gregory says. “Community-favorite Twitch Streamers will host the showcase and conduct interviews with developers, take fan questions and maybe even drop some game codes.”

In related news, Microsoft has also announced an Age of Empires: Fan Preview Broadcast for April 10 where you will see the first gameplay and civilizations from Age of Empires IV.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Partners with Twitch on Indie Games Showcase”

  1. remc86007

    I guess Twitch is the lesser of two evils from Microsoft's perspective.

  2. bluvg

    Not really a gamer, but great to see a new AoE. Hopefully there's a new Rise of Nations on the horizon as well!

  3. Rahul Sharma

    Took me time to figure out the headline.

    No it's not about Microsoft Teams.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    I changed the headline. Sorry for the confusion.