Microsoft Brings Cloud Gaming to iOS and the PC in Beta

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Brad Sams in Xbox with 8 Comments

Microsoft has announced this morning that the company is bringing its cloud gaming service to iOS and the PC through the browser. The company promised that these endpoints would arrive in early 2021 and now they are delivering on that promise.

But there are a few important things to note. First is that the service will start with an invite-only testing phase which means that the company is starting with a small group of testers and will slowly expand it as feedback is assessed for performance and stability. The second thing to know is that cloud gaming will work on the PC through the browser but only with Edge and Chrome.

This is a significant expansion for the company’s cloud gaming service. While the service is currently available for Android devices, bringing this functionality to the browser and iOS will likely cover a much larger demographic than only being available on Android. But with the service becoming available in a limited capacity, it is far from general availability but hopefully, that milestone will be reached later this year.

In the announcement post, Microsoft says that starting tomorrow, they will send out invites to Game Pass Ultimate users. It should also be noted that on the PC, you will need to use a controller or touch controls as mouse and keyboard are not supported at this time.

Microsoft is betting big on its cloud gaming functionality that is part of Game Pass. While it will not replace a traditional console anytime soon, it does open the door to potential gamers that may not have previously had access to Xbox content.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Brings Cloud Gaming to iOS and the PC in Beta”

  1. pauldain

    The requirements imply that it should work on a Mac, but they don't specify. Only "Apple phones." Any additional clarity available?

  2. Tom Webb

    The Announcement post link just links back to this article.

    I'm looking forward to cloud gaming on the Ipad, I haven't found it that comfortable on my android phone.

  3. vladimir

    no mouse and keyboard support is a big downer. I was looking forward to using my ultrabook for gaming on the move but not to carry a controller around

  4. munkeybuziness

    I'm still hoping this comes to the console itself. It would be great to be able to just jump in these games without managing storage or waiting for a download.

  5. srrlx1986

    Yes!!! Finally!!! I got on an early preview about two weeks ago. Microsoft then broke it, but I cant wait to try it again. Only thing was racing games were terrible but FPS like doom eternal were great.