New Microsoft Edge Lands on Xbox

Posted on September 24, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X with 15 Comments

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is the marquee addition to the September Update for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

“Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to make Xbox better, with you at the center, as we refine the experience and deliver brand new features based on your feedback,” Microsoft’s Jonathan Hildebrandt writes. “This month’s update includes new ways to access games on Windows PCs via the Xbox app, Play Later discovery, updated Microsoft Edge, and more.”

It sure does. Here’s what’s new.

Save your Play Later list. The Play Later feature lets you curate the list of Xbox Game Pass titles you’d like to play over time, and it’s available directly from the Xbox Dashboard.

New Microsoft Edge. The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is now available on all Xbox consoles. It comes with mouse and sync support.

And yeah. That’s about it. Though, as Microsoft notes, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play are now supported across all Xbox consoles as well.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “New Microsoft Edge Lands on Xbox”

  1. brinel321

    Paul, looks like the ad button was flipped on for us site premium subscribers - is this something permanent?

  2. MoopMeep

    Do people find browsers on game systems (and youtube, netflix) as being annoying?

    Honestly, it annoys me because I would rather have them concentrate on making the gaming part of the machine better. I'll use a computer or ipad

    The last time I tried the browser was on the Sony PSP and that one really sucked... maybe that why I don't like it.

    • christianwilson

      A good browser on a game console can be useful for a few things. If there is a streaming service that does not have an app on Xbox, you can go to the website and stream it that way. You can also now use an Xbox to play game streaming services like Amazon Luna or Google Stadia.

      Otherwise, yeah, for regular browsing, you can do better with a laptop or tablet.

    • manicscholar

      A good browser is really handy for streaming from websites. So glad this had finally come to Xbox. Old browser was painful.

  3. usman

    Now, imagine using a Series S as Chromium desktop

  4. bart

    I am very happy with the addition of the (new) Edge browser. I often use it to watch online content like FRD, Windows Weekly or Microsoft live events. This experience on the old Edge browser was getting worse by each update, so not a moment too soon to see (the new) Edge.

  5. bettyblue

    I was an Edge user (Chromium) from the Beta days until about 5 months ago.

    Too many useless changes way too often. On the Mac I would get weekly updates booting me out and the update would take a while. I felt like they moved stuff around for change sake. Like many other Microsoft programs the bloat just became too much.

    I have moved to FireFox. Peace out!

  6. jjonas51

    I am not an xbox user but have had the need to use a browser on Roku as an example. Why aren't more browsers making their way to platforms like Roku with tens of millions of users and even more devices? I've looked and there really aren't any worth using. It seems that it would be relatively easy to get something up and running and for something like Edge where they're trying to get market share, tens of millions of users, I know small % browsing with browser, but still. I understand google not wanting to as any credibility to anything not google they will dump on, and their competing os.

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