Microsoft’s Xbox Mini Fridge Arrives

Posted on October 15, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox Series X, Xbox, Hardware with 18 Comments

Microsoft announced today that Xbox fans can preorder the official Xbox Series X mini fridge on October 19, 2021 for $99.99.

“The mini fridge, created in partnership with Ukonic!, gives ‘Xbox and Chill’ a whole new meaning,” Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg explains. “With LEDs and surface features made to resemble the Xbox Series X, your friends will be amazed while their thirst is quenched! The sleek matte-black tower holds up to 12 cans of your favorite beverage and has two shelves in the door, so you’ll be sure to have your favorite snacks at the ready. The front of the mini fridge also includes a USB port to charge devices and comes with a DC power adapter to enable the mini fridge to work on the go.”

The Xbox Series X mini fridge will cost $99.99. It will be available from Target initially, in the US and Canada, but it’s coming to multiple retailers globally in December. It will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland then as well. And then Microsoft will expand regional availability in 2022, pending regulatory approvals and restrictions by market.

As Microsoft explains, the mini fridge started as a viral meme and then turned into a 6-foot, 400 pound, 1:1 scale replica of the flagship videogame console. And thanks to requests from fans, Microsoft has made it a reality.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Microsoft’s Xbox Mini Fridge Arrives”

  1. crownseven

    Who the hell needs this? I will absolutely order one.

  2. chrishilton1

    What to do with all the cases they made and couldn't fit with actual parts to make and supply a real series x

  3. Craig Smith

    I don't own X-Box Series-X, but I want one of these.

  4. red.radar

    They could have charge Triple and people will have still bought it. I foresee scalping

  5. olemann

    Where do I pay?

  6. winner

    Does it have rounded corners, and tons of zero-day flaws?

  7. CapDauntless

    It says here that it will be available in the United States and Canada initially at Target. There is no Target in Canada. Is there word on the retailer in Canada that will be selling this?

  8. jdawgnoonan

    My wife told me no.

  9. polloloco51

    I have to say, I want this even though I'm a PlayStation person!

    It is a cool concept!

  10. SvenJ

    Fans are probably loud.

  11. sabertooth920

    I totally don’t need this thing, but I want it.

  12. yoshi

    Don't need it at all. But I'll have one for sure.

  13. dougkinzinger

    Gotta admit...I kind of want one!

  14. spullum

    Talk about fan service. I hope this company is super successful. Dorky but cool.

  15. matsan

    amazing they didn’t put an xbox console the base of that thing. Then it would have made sense.

  16. brothernod

    At $100 i feel like i have to get it... I wonder what it costs to run annually.