Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Game Pass for PC

Posted on December 10, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox, PC gaming with 11 Comments

In a bid to further differentiate the service, Microsoft revealed that it is rebranding Xbox Game Pass for PC to PC Game Pass.

PC Game Pass will retain the Xbox logo as part of this rebranding, and the other Game Pass offerings will now be branded as Xbox Game Pass (formerly Xbox Game Pass for Console) and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (unchanged).

There’s no formal announcement post, but there’s a cute little video that the PC Game Pass team tweeted to demonstrate the change.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Game Pass for PC”

  1. helix2301

    YouTube Premium giving away 3 months of it for free

  2. navarac

    There must be more people employed in the "Re-branding Dept" than the "QA Dept" :-).

    • jeroendegrebber

      That, or 1 zealous person with a name generator. Or different depts taking naming turns. So we can expect rebrandings to (in no particular order) :

      - Windows game pass

      - Microsoft game pass

      - Azure cloud game pass

      - Game pass for...

      - (back to) Xbox game pass

      Or any combination of the above.

      Suggestions are welcome of course ?

  3. red.radar

    I am surprised they just didn't settle on Microsoft Gamepass

    • whistlerpro

      The Xbox team fought hard to not have any Microsoft logos on the box. Strangely not as big a deal for Sony.

  4. boltie

    They need to also change 'Xbox Game Pass Ultimate' to just 'Ultimate Game Pass'.

    Article might also want tagging with 'PC Game Pass'.

  5. mike2thel73

    No thanks I'll "PASS"

  6. Donte

    Now if they could just spend 5 min of time on the Xbox app on PC.

    It is a horribly buggy app that hardly works at all. It has been bad for years now. It also used to have a light mode but they took that away.