Report: Microsoft Still Plans Xbox Streaming Device

Posted on May 7, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Project xCloud, Xbox with 5 Comments

A new report has revived years-old rumors that Microsoft plans to release an Xbox streaming device for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

VentureBeat claims that Microsoft will introduce “an Xbox cloud-gaming streaming device … in the next 12 months.” The device will resemble the Amazon Fire Stick and will let customers stream Xbox Cloud Gaming titles to a TV or other display. This service requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs $14.99 per month.

VentureBeat also notes that Microsoft is working with Samsung to add Xbox Cloud Gaming capabilities to the latter’s recent smart TVs. This capability will also be available in the next 12 months, the publication claims.

Granted, this isn’t a new concept. Brad Sams reported on Microsoft’s plans for an “Xbox streamer” several times for over the years, starting back in 2016. But as recently in June 2021, he said that the concept had been updated to be an “Xbox streaming stick.” As he also noted at that time, Microsoft had publicly stated that it was working with TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into internet-connected televisions too. So that’s not new either.

So what’s changed since then? Well, Microsoft now has over 10 million Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and I assume it anticipates having even more by the time its streaming device ships. It has also taken steps to improve the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming, in part by replacing the Xbox One consoles in its datacenters with Xbox Series X devices.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Report: Microsoft Still Plans Xbox Streaming Device”

  1. hrlngrv

    Game terminals rather than game consoles.

  2. whistlerpro

    I wonder how many kids will buy this just to play Fortnite for free.

  3. Dan

    They should plan on keeping their service available so people can use their drm laden hardware products.

  4. orbsitron

    I recently showed my cousins Forza Horizon 5, Doom Eternal and Ori: Will of the Whisps on my iPhone with xCloud and a Razr Kishi controller (which doesn't introduce Bluetooth latency as it's a hardwired phone controller).

    My cousins are into tech and play casual games, but don't have a high performance gaming PC or any modern consoles.

    They have xfinity wi-fi and I measured around 300 Mbs down and around 50 Mbs up.

    The experience was super smooth and they couldn't believe the fidelity of the experience! Both the quality and production value of modern games and how seamless and responsive the games played given they were being streamed from a datacenter and given that button presses had to be sent back up to be responded to.

    It really blew their minds. One of them has since acquired an XBOX Game Pass Ultimate subscription and ordered a Razr Kishi as well.

    What gets me super excited is that soon he and I will be able to play together, miles apart, despite him not having a console or gaming PC!

    xCloud is really amazing technology and Game Pass is an incredibly valuable product.

  5. jaredthegeek

    Just give me an Android TV app. I don't want another stick. I would pony up for an Nvidia Shield if that makes it work. As it stands I almost exclusively stream games. Turned my Xbox on for the first time this year today to see the Game streaming Beta so I may try it out.