Xbox 360 Updated for the First Time in Two Years

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox 360 with 9 Comments

Microsoft Ends the 10 Year Run of the Xbox 360

Microsoft released a new Xbox 360 system update late last week, the first time it had done so in over two years.

So this is obviously pretty exciting. What new features and changes await those who install the update?

“Minor bug fixes and improvements,” the Xbox 360 operating system versions and system updates page notes. Yes, that’s the “sad trumpet” sound you hear in the background.

And that’s all we know. Well, that and the fact that the last Xbox 360 system update shipped in March 2016, over two years prior. And that the new build number, 2.0.17526.0, is roughly 24 builds higher than that 2016 update.

What you hear now is the sound of snoring.

As a historical footnote, Microsoft ended production of the Xbox 360 in April 2016.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Xbox 360 Updated for the First Time in Two Years”

  1. LusoPT

    People may mock all they want, but I love when companies still offer support and/or make updates to their old products. Even it's after 2, 5, 10 or more years.

    • PeteB

      In reply to LusoPT:

      Who's "mocking" anything? 360 was a great console, the peak of the product line before bad management decisions created the One.

      • LusoPT

        In reply to PeteB:

        Who said the 360 wasn't a great console? And people do mock and complain when minor resources are spent on older products/devices. Not me though.

        In any case, I believe this update is related to the European Union's GDPR.

  2. spacein_vader

    I'd be astounded if this wasn't just forced upon them to ensure GDPR compliance and they threw in a few bug fixes that they had finished. Timing is just too big a coincidence.

  3. wolters

    I still have 360 to break out for kids parties. Kinect Games were awesome on it, especially Kinect Sports and Kinect Party.

  4. jbuccola

    Still no Goldeneye Reloaded on XB1 = kids just won’t switch.

  5. Rug

    Sad trombone, isn’t it? Trumpet sounds exciting.