Xbox 360 System Update Adds 2 GB of Cloud Storage, More

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox 360 with 0 Comments

Xbox 360 System Update Adds 2 GB of Cloud Storage, More

Microsoft has announced a new system update for Xbox 360 that adds support for more cloud storage plus some previously-announced features like an Xbox One-style activity feed.

Microsoft’s renewed commitment to the Xbox 360 may be prudent, given that Xbox One continues to under-perform against PlayStation 4, but whatever, we’ll take it: This has been a great year for Xbox 360, with Microsoft turning on a set of regular system updates that mimics what it’s doing on the newer console. And this month, there are some nice improvements to be had.

This is what’s changed with the new system update.

2 GB of cloud storage. Over time, Microsoft replaced memory units with cloud storage, giving Xbox 360 users a simpler way to pick up where they left off in games on a different console. With this update, Microsoft has upped the free cloud storage you get from 512 MB to 2 GB. You will see this storage as a drive—alongside the device’s internal hard drive, memory units and other external storage—and can use it for saved games and other content, just like any other drive.

Activity feed. As on Xbox One, you can now access an activity feed on the 360, letting you “like, comment, share your friend’s activities, post new messages, watch game clips, view screenshots, and see what your friends are playing.” The activity feed is available from the Social item in the Dashboard.


Cross-platform activity. You can now see what your friends are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 from your Xbox 360, not just what they’re doing on Xbox 360 as before.

Groove Music and Microsoft Movies & TV. The Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps have been updated with the new branding. In both cases, you actually have to download the new app when you first run them, and it doesn’t appear that they’ve changed at all beyond the branding. (In fact, Microsoft didn’t even get all the branding right. When I first ran Groove Music, a “Starting Xbox Music” message appeared mid-screen. Then, the app crashed.)

Better support for public Wi-Fi networks. With this update, Xbox 360 can now connect to public networks—in places like hotels—that require you to accept a Terms of Use agreement. “After first connecting you will be prompted to test your Xbox Live connection and will then be directed to use Internet Explorer to login to the network,” Microsoft notes. “You must have the latest update of Internet Explorer first.”

Redeem codes directly from Messages. Now, when you receive an Xbox Live Marketplace code in a message, you can redeem the code directly from that message using a new “Redeem Code” button.

See your Microsoft account balance. When you’re browsing for new games in Xbox Live Marketplace, you can now see your remaining Microsoft account balance, if any.

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