Microsoft Will Unveil Project Scorpio at E3

Microsoft Will Unveil Project Scorpio at E3

Microsoft today said that it would formally unveilits upcoming Xbox console, codenamed “Project Scorpio”, at the E3 trade show in June.

“We look forward to sharing even more about Project Scorpio this year at E3,” a Microsoft representative told me this morning.

Does this suggest that Microsoft won’t reveal more Scorpio information at its May Windows 10/hardware event, as some have speculated? Yes, it does. Regardless, I feel that any appearance by Scorpio would undermine this event’s alleged educational focus, and whatever hardware Microsoft does announce.

There’s a second issue with the E3 note, of course: For some reason, many video game fans feel that this show should be all about games, and that somehow discussing hardware at E3 is against some unspoken code. That’s a ridiculous opinion. E3—or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, as it’s really known—is a video game industry event, and hardware and the companies that make that hardware, are a primary attraction. E3 is, in other words, the obvious place for Microsoft to reveal more details about Scorpio.

Which is why they addressed this silly issue today.

“We know you care most about great games, whether they be exclusive, multiplatform, independent or AAA,” Microsoft Head of Xbox Phil Spencer writes in a new post to the Xbox Wire blog. “We are proud of the diverse lineup of games coming this year that will only be playable on Xbox One and will play better on Project Scorpio. We designed Project Scorpio to be the best console to play the blockbuster multiplatform games from our publishing partners, made it easy for recently released titles to upgrade to true 4K and for beloved, backward compatible titles to play better than ever before … We’re excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the amazing game experiences it powers at E3 this June.”

In other words, relax. They’re going to talk about games a lot at E3. As always.

Microsoft will host its E3 briefing on Sunday, June 11 from 2-3:30 p.m. PT, which is a new day and time for the annual event. I’m looking into attending this one.


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Conversation 14 comments

  • daveevad

    13 April, 2017 - 10:09 am

    <p>If this were just a gaming site, I would get drawn and quartered for this but…I like E3 because of the hardware announcements. There, I said it. I'm a tech hardware fan. I do game. I play Halo, WoT, Rocket league, &amp; others. I have "friends" that I speak to regularly but have only ever met them on XBL. Games are certainly a big part of it. However, when it comes to these events, I truly look forward to the hardware. I am really excited for this year's show. Along with Scorpio, I'd like to see a refresh of the Elite controller &amp; (gasp!) some sort of media device, like Brad had some info about last year. Blasphemy, I know but I guess I'm just crazy. I use a Windows Mobile device after all…</p>

  • BoItmanLives

    13 April, 2017 - 10:27 am

    <p>Unfortunately the lack of any kind of new exclusive IP is worrisome. The endless Forza/Halo/GoW copy-paste iterations already went stale. </p>

    • Vuppe

      13 April, 2017 - 12:06 pm

      <blockquote><a href="#97731"><em>In reply to BoItmanLives:</em></a></blockquote><p>Because they've announced it already…</p>

      • BoItmanLives

        13 April, 2017 - 12:27 pm

        <blockquote><a href="#97750"><em>In reply to Vuppe:</em></a></blockquote><p>Eh, they've announced the games lineup they'll be showing with it at E3, including Forza 7. Do try to keep up. </p>

        • Vuppe

          13 April, 2017 - 12:31 pm

          <blockquote><a href="#97754"><em>In reply to BoItmanLives:</em></a></blockquote><p>No one has ever surprised with an IP at E3 before, especially in conjunction with a new console. It's never happened and isn't possible. How could I have ever thought otherwise. Clearly your vast experience and knowledge far exceed anyone else's. I humbly beg your forgiveness. </p>

  • Ugur

    13 April, 2017 - 10:43 am

    <p>I like it a lot to hear about new hardware (and in detail, too) at E3, but since the rumors about the Scorpio have been in the wild so long and then even facts stated by MS and unveiled step wise over the past few months, too, yes, me personally, i had my bets/hopes on MS rolled out all that "specs" talk ahead to have most of it out of the way because secretly they were also getting a massive lineup of (timed) exclusives and/or a great list of multi platform games where the scorpio version is clearly the supreme version, and such an excellent list that they'd like to spend most of their time on that.</p><p><br></p><p>I'll take it either way it comes, since yes, i love to drool about new hardware, too, but yeah, i hope for MS they have an awesome lineup to show, because specs alone, even if they are the best, don't sell a console.</p><p><br></p><p>offtopic, but since we were talking about hardware, that reminded me: Paul, have a look at this one:</p><p>an all in one with a high end graphics card and water cooling and actually all standard parts internals so one can actually upgrade the thing nicely, thought you might like it seeing how you talked about that hp all in one =)</p><p>This one seems like the far better option to me for gamers, though one bummer side is there based on that video: not great color accuracy out of the box.</p><p>I wish they would sort that out since then i'd be quite considering buying it, high end gaming hardware even with standard parts one can upgrade in an all in one makes me drool =)</p>

    • BoItmanLives

      13 April, 2017 - 12:30 pm

      <blockquote><a href="#97734"><em>In reply to Ugur:</em></a></blockquote><p>Except there won't be a "supreme" version of a multiplatform.. Publisher's see to that, because it's in their financial interest to maintain parity even when one box has better hardware. Them's the facts. </p>

      • Ugur

        13 April, 2017 - 1:28 pm

        <blockquote><a href="#97756"><em>In reply to BoItmanLives:</em></a><em> I didn't give you the thumb down btw, but yeah, i still don't agree with what you said, sorry =)</em></blockquote><blockquote><em>Because that's not the situation at all. Most game devs like to do the best they can in given time/money budget on each platform.</em></blockquote><blockquote><em>Often, yes, there is no huge extra budget from the get go to optimize a multi platform game lengthy for each platform, but then quite often for example platform holders jump in and do agreements with devs/publishers to incentivise them to make sure their version is a timed exclusive or has some dlc or other extra content or runs the best it can on their platform with more extra time put on that etc.</em></blockquote><p><br></p>

        • BoItmanLives

          13 April, 2017 - 5:00 pm

          <blockquote><a href="#97767"><em>In reply to Ugur:</em></a></blockquote><p>You don't have a clue how the industry works because you're an outsider seeing it through a consumer lens. Here's some insight: publishers want to sell as many units as possible regardless of platform. If one platform's version gets a rep for not looking as good as the other, it costs them net sales. Or did you think it's coincidence that PS3/360 and PS4/Xbone multiplats generally look identical? </p><p>Thus there won't be runaway multiplats looking significantly better on a Scorpio than PS4 Pro. It's dollars and cents, sorry to burst any fanboy bubbles. </p>

          • Ugur

            13 April, 2017 - 8:44 pm

            <blockquote><a href="#97807"><em>In reply to BoItmanLives:</em></a><em> First: I've been making games for a good long while, so, well.. =)</em></blockquote><blockquote><em>Second: PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One games generall do not look identical.</em></blockquote><blockquote>Just watch some videos on youtube regularly comparing how multi platform games run on each platform.</blockquote><blockquote><br></blockquote><blockquote>Though, yes, usually developers/publishers get incentives for doing special exclusive or timed exclusive dls or special missions built in or a timed exclusive on the game more than visual differences up to now, but going forward as one of the main selling points of the scorpio would be the better specs, i could see them touting that heavily where it is the case that something runs or looks noticeably better than on the ps4 pro, at least for a good while pre and post launch.</blockquote><blockquote><br></blockquote><blockquote>In most cases, for that part alone they wouldn't even have to pay for that extra, but yes, in some cases they may. Which of course would not be as obvious as when a game has a timed exclusive on one platform or gets dlc or a custom level no other platform version gets.</blockquote><p><br></p>

  • maethorechannen

    Premium Member
    13 April, 2017 - 11:27 am

    <p>I thought the issue wasn't with discussing hardware it was with&nbsp;discussing features that have nothing to do with gaming. OneGuide and TV pass-trough, for example.</p><p><br></p><p>I don't remember anyone giving&nbsp;Sony any stick for&nbsp;discussing hardware.&nbsp;</p>

  • rameshthanikodi

    13 April, 2017 - 12:23 pm

    <p>I can't believe how dumb gamers and the technosphere are being dumb about this. It's almost as if everyone wants Microsoft to fail, and I hate that kind of skepticism. The same kind of skepticism that said Surface would fail but Chromebooks were the next big thing. The same kind of skepticism that said Intel's new (at that time) Ultrabook initiative would never meet the bar set by the Macbook Air (sounds stupid af today).</p><p>If they don't deliver on the games, then go ahead and call them out and criticize them for it. But for some reason everyone is expecting the games to be unveiled before E3, what the f*ck?</p>

    • BoItmanLives

      13 April, 2017 - 12:41 pm

      <blockquote><a href="#97751"><em>In reply to rameshthanikodi:</em></a></blockquote><p>Calm down. <span style="background-color: rgb(245, 245, 245);">Phil Spencer already disclosed the games that would be shown with the Scorpio. It was Forza 7 and a handful of multiplats. They cancelled Scalebound sadly, so unless they paid a publisher to keep a title off of PS4 for a period, it's not looking good.</span></p>

      • rameshthanikodi

        13 April, 2017 - 3:18 pm

        <blockquote><em><a href="#97762">In reply to BoItmanLives:</a></em></blockquote><p>and how do we know that they have or have not done that? how can you already conclude that it's not looking good without knowing that or really anything at all? This is exactly the kind of skepticism I was talking about. It's ridiculous.</p>


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