Xbox Project Scorpio Logo is Outed

Posted on June 6, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 17 Comments

Xbox Project Scorpio Logo is Outed

It appears that the logo for Microsoft’s next Xbox console has potentially been outed. And while the console will most certainly not use its current “Project Scorpio” branding, it looks like at least the “S” will make its way to the final name.

Which is to say, the logo is an “S.” Literally.

News of the logo leak comes courtesy of NeoGAF—though I saw it in The Verge—and is based on a trademark filing.

So we’ll need to speculate.

Microsoft has made two Xbox One consoles so far, the original tank-like version and the sleeker new Xbox One S. Developer Kits for Xbox Project Scorpio look almost exactly like the Xbox One S, which I like. And of course it will be branded and sold as a new kind of Xbox One as well. So they can’t use Xbox One S. But maybe the Scorpio name comes along. Or something else that starts with “S.”

Or maybe this was just an idea that Microsoft isn’t moving forward on. I guess we’ll see.