On the Eve of E3, Xbox One S is Now on Sale

Posted on June 11, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft is set to formally reveal its next-generation Xbox One console, Project Scorpio, this evening. But if you’re in the market to purchase the current console, the software giant has some good news for you, too: Xbox One S is now on sale for $50 off.

“Summer’s coming,” a tweet from the Xbox team notes. “Get ready to play with $50 off starting [today], June 11.”

The tweet links to a sale page on the Xbox website that includes more details: As it turns out, select Xbox One S bundles are on sale, and if you purchase a bundle from the Microsoft Store, you get an additional game for free.

So the cheapest offerings at the moment—the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle (500 GB), Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Bundle (500 GB), Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites Bundle (500 GB), and Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle (500 GB) are all $249.00. (And are normally $299.)

But as indicated in the names, the consoles in those bundles only include a 500 GB hard drive, which may quickly fill up in this age of digital downloads and Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass service. If you can swing it, I recommend getting a more expensive console/bundle with a larger hard drive; they run $299 to $399 depending on capacity. Or investing in an external hard drive, I guess.

Regardless of the timing, Xbox One S is often on sale, and at this same price point. So this isn’t particularly unique.


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “On the Eve of E3, Xbox One S is Now on Sale”

  1. SvenJ

    Not much of a gamer, so don't know what the external drive requirements are, but I imagine one drive is like another, unless speed really matters. I'm also not a Best Buy shill, but I noticed yesterday they had a Western Digital, 4T, USB3, pocket drive on sale for $109. Line is Easystore. Seems like a good deal, as an external drive. Sure wouldn't take up much room, and doesn't require additional power. I'd be interested to know if people use these sorts of drives and how well they work on an Xbox. I have a TB one on my desktop as a secondary data drive and it seems fine. I have some to carry with laptops too. Xbox may be different though.

    • EricGHarrison

      In reply to SvenJ:

      You can definitely use a drive like that as additional storage for the XBOX One S. I have done that, but switched to an external SSD as the performance improvement is dramatic. There was a time when (allegedly) an SSD wouldn't help, but on the One S it does for sure.

  2. SherlockHolmes

    So Paul, does that mean the XBox S wasnt on sale before? :-D Seriously i dont think a cut off of 50 $ will change anything on the numbers.

  3. webdev511

    At this price isn't it one of the least expensive combination UHD Blu-ray player & 4k streaming device you can buy today? 4k streamers may be cheaper, but UHD BD players are still kinda pricey. I was personally boggled when the PS4 Pro came out without UHD playback capability.