Microsoft Updates Xbox One Branding

Posted on June 14, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 23 Comments

Microsoft Updates Xbox One Branding

Remember that Xbox One “S” logo that we thought was for “Project Scorpio”? It was for the Xbox One S, and is part of a nice branding update.

Blame this one on “fog of war,” I guess. But I saw “S” and figured it must be related to “Scorpio.” But that “S” really just stood for “S.” As in “Xbox One S.”

It’s obvious it retrospect. But that’s how our minds work: You get stuck on one thing and it’s nearly impossible to move past it. It’s like trying to remember a song while listening to a different song.

Anyway, if you look at the new Xbox One branding in the image above, you’ll see that “S” logo style used with Xbox One S. And a similar “X”, with the same slash, for Xbox One X.

What was that song again?


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Comments (23)

23 responses to “Microsoft Updates Xbox One Branding”

  1. madthinus

    Hit me baby one more time?

  2. BoItmanLives

    Dumbest console branding ever.

  3. sharpsone

    XOX looks good but could be better with some chrome accents. More powerful,

    , 1/2 the size of XO, but lacks a premium finish. Maybe it was a money saving move.

  4. quick_razor360

    They wanted people to know all games play on all the xbox ones. Though I would have named the new one Xbox One EX for Extreme Edition

  5. pwrof3

    It is pretty amazing that last console generation, we were stuck with the same architecture for a decade (!) and now we have 3 completely seperate consoles with different chipsets, architecture, etc.

    • wunderbar

      In reply to pwrof3:

      That's.... not true at all.

      If you're talking about different companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all had different architectures. PowerPC for the 360, Cell for the PS3, and a custom derivative of a Power PC processor for the Wii U.

      If you're talking about just Microsoft, the Xbox One and One S are virtually identical hardware wise. there's a tiny bit more memory in the S, and a very slight bump to accommodate 4K blu-ray playback and HDR. But it's the same core system. The One X also runs the same architecture, just a more powerful system. It's the equivalent from a midrange GPU to a high end one.

      • Wizzwith

        In reply to wunderbar:

        Well, actually the PS3 "Cell" chip was PowerPC architecture as well.  In fact it's primary, general purpose core was almost identical to the cpu cores of the X360.  Where it differed was with the helper cores (SPE's I think they were called), but still, PowerPC based.  The Wii was also PowerPC.  Hard to believe just one rev ago IBM owned the backbone of gaming consoles.  Now it's x86 (XBO, PS4) and Arm (Switch). 

  6. Omega Ra

    I wonder, if like Tesla, they will come out with an Xbox E lol

  7. Brandonlpierce

    Oops I did it again?

  8. Tony Barrett

    Still should have just called them 'Xbox One' and 'Xbox Scorprio'. Even Xbox Two would have been better than Xbox One X. Dumb, dumb name.

  9. AliMaggs

    Something by inXS?

  10. Chris

    Land of Confusion...?


  11. wunderbar

    (You Drive Me) Crazy?

  12. rafaelsolmaker

    Well, like everyone I was fooled by that. I was thinking what kind of horrid name scheming Microsoft was doing. Xbox S? (S for Second). Dunno...

    Xbox One X, or XbOX, for short, was really brilliant in many levels. It's still an One, but with that eXtra sauce, or eXtreme if you prefer. Genius stuff.

    I can't understand why some don't like it. They don't have any idea of anything remotely better. I can understand that Scorpio is a great name, but it's not a good commercial name (except for some fancy game accessory?), that's just a codename, and that dies when the project becomes reality.

    P.S.: I'm so sick of the "Pro" moniker in everything...