First Xbox Live Creators Program Games are Now Available

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Games, Xbox One, Windows 10 with 2 Comments

Microsoft announced today that the first wave of games made by indie developers via the Xbox Live Creators Program is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10.

You may recall that the Xbox Live Creators Program essentially lets anyone publish Xbox Live-enabled games to the Xbox Store and/or Windows Store. Microsoft launched this program earlier this year as a way to democratize game publishing on its platforms.

“The first wave of games from the Creators Program are live right now for everyone on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs,” Microsoft’s Chris Charla writes. “This is an important step for Team Xbox as we continue to deliver a large and diverse lineup of games from creators big and small from around the world.”

Microsoft also provided the following list of mostly free or very-inexpensive titles that are included in this first wave:

Animal Rivals for Xbox One and Windows 10. “An action-packed couch party game for one to four players. Drop into the game and fight for the Animalonia’s throne as one of the furry contenders in different mini-games and locations. Game itself presents a unique art style mixing the cartoonish looks and satire approach.”

Block Dropper for Xbox One and Windows 10. “A fast paced, arcade style, 3D platformer. Try not to fall as you guide your character through the challenging single player mode or grab a friend to battle head to head in a local multiplayer Block Battle Arena.”

Crystal Brawl for Xbox One and Windows 10. “Gauntlet meets NBA Jam in Crystal Brawl, a 2v2 capture-the-flag local multiplayer game that melds fast action with MOBA-like strategy. Choose from a variety of characters with different abilities, with a notable twist: each character has a unique ability that alters the terrain. Experiment with different character combinations to uncover hidden strategies!”

Derelict Fleet for Xbox One. “A fast-paced space combat game. You are tasked with defending a refugee fleet as you travel the stars searching for a new colony to call home.”

ERMO for Xbox One. “A relaxing puzzle game featured with a calming and peaceful graphics. Immerse yourself in the landscapes and colors of ERMO and let you be carried away. You will learn the rules in a few seconds, but ERMO will catch you for hours.”

GalactiMAX! for Xbox One and Windows 10. “In the vast darkness of space, GalactiMAX has the player shooting aliens for points to pierce the heavens in classic arcade shooter action! As more aliens are defeated, the player’s ship will increase in size and power. How big can this ship get?!”

kubic for Xbox One and Windows 10., “A relaxing optical illusion puzzle game based on M.C. Escher’s art, impossible objects and other geometric designs. The object is to construct the goal configuration from a number of pieces.”

Space Cat! for Xbox One and Windows 10. “Shoot your way past an onslaught of enemies and bosses. Collect weapon upgrades like missiles, bombs, laser beams and much more.”

Stereo Aereo for Xbox One and Windows 10. “An action rhythm game that is inspired by the pop-culture influences of the 80’s. You, the player, have to make sure that the mediocre space rockband Stereo Aereo, gets to their life changing concert, on time, in this comic styled sci-fi game.”

Windows 10 gamers can find these new indie games in Windows Store: Just navigate to the Games section.

On Xbox One, Microsoft has created a special Creators Collection section in Store > Games.

“We hope players will enjoy the games in the Creators Collection,” Charla continues. “You’ll find creative games, some familiar styles, and some brand-new experiences; really, whatever these imaginative developers chose to make. Gamers can expect the Creators Collection on their Xbox One, and the Window Store on their PC, to regularly add new games as developers finish their work. And these are unfiltered games directly from the developers themselves, so your feedback is of course welcomed.”

Good stuff.


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2 responses to “First Xbox Live Creators Program Games are Now Available”

  1. Lewk

    Wow, this is great. I tried out Kubic on my Lumia 950, looks and runs great and is very addictive. I love that it cloud saves through xbox live and I can play on my desktop later ??

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