Microsoft Announces “the Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year”

Posted on June 4, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One with 8 Comments

Microsoft today said that it will time “the biggest Xbox sale of the year” to this week’s E3 conference, giving customers savings on hardware, software, and services.

“As if this week couldn’t get any more exciting with the anticipation of Xbox E3 announcements and news, it also marks the beginning of our Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year,” Microsoft’s Will Tuttle announced. “If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to buy an Xbox – that moment is now.”

The sale starts on Thursday, June 7 and sale prices will be valid on, Microsoft Store and at participating retailers nationwide. Highlights include:

  • Xbox One S console (500 GB) for $199 ($50 off)
  • Xbox One S bundles (1 TB) or $249 ($50 off)
  • Xbox One X console for $449 ($50 off). Microsoft says that the first time the X has ever been discounted, though of course there have been other sales/deals.
  • Games are up to 75 percent off. This will include some games, like Monster Hunter: World, Sea of Thieves, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which have never been on sale before. Full games will start as low as $19.99.
  • Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass for one-month for $1
  • Controllers are $10 off


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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Announces “the Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year””

  1. Tony Barrett

    Another day, another Xbox sale. MS can sell it however they want. Customers just see the Xbox being discounted all them time now, which generally implies it maybe isn't selling as well as MS hoped. The 'One X' hasn't really helped overall sales either, not that MS actually reveal those anymore.

  2. Mestiphal

    The biggest deals ever are exactly the same as every single time. Spring, Summer, Fall, Black Friday, Christmas, all exactly the same deals.. matter of fact I think I've seen more than $10 off the controllers.

  3. Mcgillivray

    Remember - as long as they have more games, more items (even if it's just by 1) on sale than ever before - then it technically is the biggest Xbox sale ever... It doesn't mean it has to be the best deals or lowest prices ever... Just the biggest amount of items on sale - hence the biggest sale ever.

  4. Mikhul

    Still nothing that addresses their glaring firstparty problem.

  5. 2ilent8cho

    I have 2 original Xbox's and 8 Xbox 360s all setup for system link, do i have an Xbox One...? Nope, i have 2 PS4's instead.... Microsoft should just work on getting the next gen of console right as they have just put too many people off this generation with many mis-steps early on.