Microsoft’s New Translucent Xbox Controller Looks Pretty Hot

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 7 Comments

Microsoft is expanding its official collection of Xbox wireless controller with two new controllers: the Phantom Black Special Edition and a simple Grey/Blue colorway controller.

If you are looking to get a new controller, you probably won’t go for the Grey/Blue controller. So let’s talk about the Phantom Black Special Edition one instead. It has a beautiful translucency with a gorgeous combination of the matte black and champagne gold colours. The champaign gold fades away to the translucent matte black to give you a look inside the controller, which looks really dope. The entire controller itself isn’t translucent, but the top part really does look awesome with the translucency.

You can pre-order the $69.99 controller in the United States and Canada here — it’ll start shipping on the 11th of September. As for the simpler Grey/Blue controller, you can order one for $64.99 — ships September 25.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Microsoft’s New Translucent Xbox Controller Looks Pretty Hot”

  1. Madden70

    When is the new Elite Controller coming out?

    • zybch

      In reply to Madden70:

      Possibly announced at gamecom in a week, but no actual release date is known. Might even be as late as next years E3, though that sounds way too far away.

  2. genecrispr

    Translucent gray just like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller?

  3. My Hell baby speaking

    The proportion of news tagged XBox/Hardware compared to Xbox/Games suggests the most rational allocation on this thing for the Xbox being power off.

  4. zybch

    Its available in both UK and Australian stores too. I just ordered mine (australia) while waiting for my takeaway order to be ready.

  5. krisarthur

    Will there be a new Elite Controller in 2018?