Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access

Posted on August 27, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One with 10 Comments

35 Million

Microsoft today confirmed the rumors: Xbox All Access is a new subscription offering that ties a console to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for two years.

“For no upfront cost and one low monthly price for 24 months, Xbox All Access gets you a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, access to more than 100 great games through Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold,” Microsoft’s Bogdan Bilan explains. “That’s more than 100 all-you-can-play games — including highly-anticipated new Xbox One exclusives the day they’re released, plus more games added all the time on the fastest, most reliable gaming network and an Xbox One console.”

As previously reported, Xbox All Access is available only in the United States and will cost $22 or $35 per month, depending on whether you choose an Xbox One S or Xbox One X console.

As suspected, this isn’t a lease: At the end of your two-year commitment, you own the console outright and can choose whether to continue subscribing to Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass.

As I previously noted, the Xbox One S version of this subscription is particularly good, since you’ll save about $130 over the lifetime of the subscription. With the Xbox One X subscription, the savings is just $20.

Two caveats here. Obviously, either subscription allows the customer to purchase a device that they may not be able to otherwise afford in a single up-front payment. And the cost of each console will almost certainly go down over time, meaning that the overall savings may disappear. Any potential buyers should consider both before diving in.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access”

  1. Kevin

    This is the kind of service I could see MS partnering with Cable companies to offer with a 2 year contract. With the HDMI input it is easily able to integrate with any cable system, and with the OneGuide it makes it easy to navigate channels. A move like this could grow the number of Xbox Ones in livingrooms quite a bit and could help cable companies reduce cord cutting especially for those that are considering eliminating cable. My wife won't let me kill our cable bill just because she enjoys her favorite cable channels.

    • adamcorbally

      In reply to drewidian:

      Agreed, I really wish Microsoft hadn't backed down from their original visionof the xbox being an entertainment centre as well as a games console. They could have launched a stick the allowed game streaming from one xbox to another, access to entertainment apps and a hdmi pass through. There is clearly a market for it as demonstrated by the success of fire and chrome sticks. And easy win lost there to accommodate people who want to play xbox on submarines.

  2. MattHewitt

    Did the pull the blog post? The link to Bilan's quote didn't seem to work.

  3. jwpear

    Anyone care to guess what Xbox One X will be selling for around the holidays? My son and I have been talking about getting game pass. He wants the One X too, but I've been reluctant to jump on it given the price.

  4. UbelhorJ

    Financing a video game console seems like a poor financial decision. If console gaming is your thing, the other perks are interesting though.

    • jgraebner

      In reply to UbelhorJ:

      With no interest involved, I'm not sure I entirely understand the objection . Sure, it doesn't make sense for someone that can't afford the monthly payments, and an offer like this could be tempting in those situations, but it doesn't seem like an unreasonable decision for someone that can afford it. If nothing else, someone could take the cost of buying the console outright and put it into some form of interest-earning account while paying off the cost month-to-month.

  5. jaredthegeek

    It works for cellphones so why not? Most people are probably charging it and paying more in interest than this will end up costing.

  6. IanYates82

    I appreciate the comments about this possibly being predatory. However I don't see too much of a downside for me, and most people, and even for those for whom this could be seen as predatory, it's not a horrible payday loan or a credit card debt.

    Rather than me spend $$$$ of my own cash, plus xbox gold and game pass, I can get all of that AND save money. The $465 I save this month could go towards paying down other debt that does incur interest (things like a mortgage - no delay if an xbox purchase on its own is going to change the mortgage appreciably).

    And the concerns about the cost of the xbox hardware dropping... So what? You got 6, 9, 12 months of having a console before the full price drop. That's the same dilemma we face when buying full price.

    I bought my OG Xbox One just before the One S came out. Yeah, I was a bit annoyed, but I couldn't have known the S was on its way, I got a good deal and have a console that still plays everything (the big advantage, 4k bluray, was not a seller a I don't have a 4k TV).

    I would like to refresh my xbox one soon and my only annoyance now is that this deal is a US only thing. Grrr. Bring it to Australia ?? ?

    • jwpear

      In reply to IanYates82:

      The concern/advise is well meaning for sure, but unnecessary. This is not the same as predatory rent to own, payday loans, or credit card gimmicks. This is no different than buying a smartphone on an installment plan. Such plans make smartphones affordable for many. It's common practice here in the US.

      Sometimes we buy our family phones outright and sometimes we don't. My wife and I have discussed this very topic. Why fork out $1000 all at once for a new iPhone when we can just pay a little each month and enjoy it while we're paying for it. iPhones last more than two years (in a case) and they hold their value well. So we can hold on to them for a year or two after or sell them and put the money toward the next one. If they're willing to give me a loan for free, why not take advantage of it? I'm pretty sure they've stacked the phone/data service charges in their favor, so I feel like I'm getting a little more value from the service if it includes a phone financing subsidy.

      I'm in the same spot as you.  Have a One S and have been thinking that I would eventually move to the One X.  I have Gold and have been thinking about Game Pass.  This bundles it all nicely together in a low monthly payment.  Why not pay a little each month and get the benefit right away if it is interest free within 24 months?  My only hesitancy is do I really want Game Pass.

      Game Pass seems to make sense. We get tired of the same games and want a reasonably steady stream of new things to play. I'm just not sure there are enough new game releases that we'd actually be interested in over a two year period. My feeling is yes, but I need to go back through our game purchase history and run the numbers.

  7. JC

    Only available from your nearest store, None exist in UK!!!

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