Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is Now Available

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One, Windows 10 with 2 Comments

Microsoft’s inclusive new Xbox Adaptive Controller is now available for purchase, with a $100 price tag.

“2018 has been a hallmark year for inclusivity in gaming,” Microsoft’s Gabi Michel writes of the device’s availability. “The first-of-its-kind Xbox Adaptive Controller will be available starting today, so even more gamers from around the world can engage with their friends and favorite gaming content on Xbox One and Windows 10.”

Microsoft announced the controller back in May, noting that it was aimed at gamers with limited mobility. Since then, the software giant has made it available for pre-order and has revealed that even its packaging is accessible.

Today, Microsoft is describing how it worked with gamers with limited mobility, accessibility experts, advocates, and partners, and used fan feedback, to help drive the design of the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

“It’s truly the collaboration and teamwork from these individuals and groups who helped bring the Xbox Adaptive Controller to gamers around the world,” Michel explains. “And gaming, everywhere, becomes greater because of that collaborative spirit.”

Additionally, the UK-based V&A museum of art and design announced that it has acquired the controller as part of its Rapid Response Collecting program, which collects contemporary objects reflecting major moments in recent history related to design, technology, and manufacturing.

“It’s an honor and achievement we did not set out to accomplish but are nonetheless moved by the recognition of the team’s passionate work invested in the Xbox Adaptive Controller, helping it stand out as a truly first of its kind product—in gaming and beyond,” Michel adds.

You can purchase the Xbox Adaptive Controller from the Microsoft Store or Gamestop Online.


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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is Now Available”

  1. Tony Barrett

    Why is it that every single statement issued by MS sounds like it's passed through their entire marketing team and legal departments. There's nothing spontaneous or fun, and it's as dry as a bone in it's delivery. If MS want to relate to consumers, they need to loosen up a bit!

    As for the product, well, a small market, but MS need whatever they can get I suppose. Expensive though.

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Two reasons:

      1) "Don't you guys have a sense of humor" isn't a defense against litigation when somebody takes a joke, meant to be "spontaneous or fun" seriously and sues you for your joke not being implemented in the product.

      2) Microsoft sells products globally. Humor isn't global. What's innocently meant in fun in one country can have major consequences in another.

      An example of the latter which while it was not meant in humor show how seriously you need to take international concerns.

      A version of Windows I worked on had a feature where you picked your locale by clicking your location on a world map rather than scrolling through a list. There was one pixel in the map that fell in an area disputed between India and Pakistan. If you clicked it you got Pakistan rather than India. As a result, that version of Windows was blocked for sale in the entire India market. No change was acceptable to the Indian government unless it was done globally to all copies of that version as the pixel was considered a corporate endorsement of Pakistan's claim to that territory. As such, sales of Windows was locked out of India until Microsoft's next release of Windows which replaced the "fun" map with a "boring" drop down list.

      That was over One Pixel.

      Imagine the results of a badly taken joke.