You Can Now Get an Xbox One S With Two Controllers

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft finally sells an Xbox One bundle that many have been asking for: a two-controller bundle. Yes, you can now get an Xbox One S with two controllers out of the box. The new bundle went up for sell earlier this week, and it’ll ship from the 18th of September.

Coming in at only $299, the two-controller Xbox One bundle is a really good deal as you get two controllers, which cost $50 each. Plus, you are getting a 1TB Xbox One S, which should be plenty for most casual gamers.

Personally speaking, this seems like the Xbox One S you would actually want to buy. I have the regular Xbox One S with a single controller, and whenever someone is over, I don’t have a second controller for them to play with me which is very annoying.  Of course, I could get a controller separately, but I frankly haven’t gotten around to that as I don’t game quite frequently. Either way, if you are in the market looking to get a new Xbox One S, this is the one you should be getting. It’s a little disappointing to see Microsoft not releasing a similar Xbox One X bundle, though.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “You Can Now Get an Xbox One S With Two Controllers”

  1. shmuelie

    Can you get this with the Xbox All Access?

  2. RM

    Maybe this is a sign of a reversal for Microsoft. Microsoft Studios and third party developers have been making more and more games as single player. So, you cannot have one Xbox and play a lot of games with someone in your family. I think that is part of the reason why the Switch is so popular. To play a lot of FPS's with my kids, I would have to buy a second Xbox One and I think you have to buy additional Xbox Live Gold as well. That is at a minimum. We have an external hard drive on the current Xbox One because those games are so big and would end up getting another one of those as well. And what about game pass, would we need a second game pass if we have a second Xbox One? All this cost is too much to play games that don't do split screen.

    So, hopefully Microsoft Studios will produce more games with split screen. Maybe Halo 5 for example?

  3. shravi12

    Very good platform by Microsoft. I have been trying to get xbox gift cards for buying free games. I got more info from thurrot and I am happy.

  4. dylanz

    If you are looking for a new Xbox One S, this is the one you should be getting.


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