Microsoft Offering up to 60% Off Select Sports Games

Posted on February 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 2 Comments

Microsoft is running a new sale this week. Part of the new Indie Sports Spectacular sale, Xbox owners can get up to 60% off on select sports games.

The discounts are available on more than 40 sports games, including titles like Rocket League. Microsoft is offering 40% off Rocket League, and other games like Pumped BMX+ which is 60% off, 33% off Maximum Football 2018, 50% off on3 Freestyle, 20% off Grip, etc.

“In case you didn’t get enough excitement from this year’s big game, the [email protected] team has you covered. We have pulled together some of our favorite indie sports games and put them on sale! From now through February 11 you can save up to 60% on over 40 action packed sports games in the Indie Sports Spectacular sale. Grab your cleats, rev your engines, and get ready to score some of these favorites.” said Microsoft, announcing the new sale.

You can find the full list of games here, and there seem to be some decent titles that are very cheap. The deals will be available till February 11, so make sure to check them out before the end.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft Offering up to 60% Off Select Sports Games”

  1. simont

    Apart from Rocket League, there is nothing great there.

  2. euro football rumours

    Thank you for this important information. We are big fans of Maximum Football 2018 and 33% discount is a fantastic price.