Yep, Xbox One is on Sale Again

Posted on February 16, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 6 Comments

Has it been two weeks already? Because Xbox One S and Xbox One X are both on sale. Again.

“For the love of gaming, we are sharing Xbox One deals on consoles, accessories, and more,” Microsoft’s Mike Nelson announced. “Starting February 17, you can save $50 on any Xbox One bundle, including Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console, and Xbox One S, the best value in gaming and entertainment. And there’s no shortage of amazing bundles to choose from at a participating retailer near you.”

So, you know the drill. As I noted at the time of the last sale two weeks ago, it’s increasingly obvious that no one should ever pay full price for an Xbox One S or Xbox One X. These consoles are almost always on sale.

That said, this latest sale includes both console bundles and accessories. Bundles like the Xbox One X Metro Saga bundle, the Xbox One S Fortnite bundle, and the Xbox One S Battlefield V bundle are all $50 off. And the Xbox One X Fallout 76 bundle is a full $100 off. Select Xbox Wireless Controllers—including the Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom Black and the Xbox Wireless Controller Grey/Blue—are $10 off. And you can save $10 on a 3- or 6-month Xbox Live Gold subscription too.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Yep, Xbox One is on Sale Again”

  1. solomonrex

    It's very much like the Kindle, where so much of their money comes from services and content, that the hardware is perpetually on sale one way or another.

  2. jaunty

    Stop writing this "xbox one sale thingy" up if it annoys you so much. Tedious.

  3. IanYates82

    Probably time for me to pick up an extra controller... Thanks

  4. Hoomgar

    I've seen sale after sale after sale.  Knocking 50 bucks off is not a sale.  I won't drop coin until they give me a REAL sale.  Yes I'm cheap but I don't have a deep enough desire for one of these to justify what they cost,... for me.

  5. akki9660

    x-box one s PUBG bundle