Xbox One Getting New Message Requests Feature, Mini Virtual Keyboard, More

Posted on February 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Microsoft today announced a number of new features that are coming to the Xbox One system, starting with Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha rings. The new features will eventually roll out to all Xbox One users.

The main new feature coming with this new system update is the new Message Requests feature. It’s kind of like how Instagram DM requests work, where new contacts can’t directly send you messages. Instead, these messages are separated into a different Requests section so you won’t get messages from random people.

Microsoft is also integrating Xbox Game Pass Quests into the Xbox One dashboard, letting you access all your quests from your profile.

Xbox One is also getting a new mini virtual keyboard that will help users write quicker with their controller. “We understand that navigating a virtual keyboard can be a challenge whether you’re writing an LFG post for Apex Legends or inputting a 5×5 code for a new game. In order to improve this experience, we are testing out a new mini virtual keyboard option for Xbox One. This new virtual keyboard makes it easier to navigate and type using a controller,” the company said.

There’s a new experienced for installing games when your Xbox One is full, too — it will now present you with a list of games that you can uninstall and automatically start installing the new game you are trying to install after there’s sufficient space.

Microsoft isn’t saying exactly when these new features will be available for all Xbox One users, but it shouldn’t take too long after it goes through the Xbox Insider program.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Xbox One Getting New Message Requests Feature, Mini Virtual Keyboard, More”

  1. yoshi

    I'm way too excited about the "Restart console" being added to that menu. Always wondered why it wasn't included there.

    • ReformedCtrlZ

      In reply to yoshi:

      What I really want is an option to not send power on/off/toggle commands on restart. Because the Xbox can turn off and on faster than my TV and soundbar so I end up with the xbox on and the TV off -_-

  2. IanYates82

    Nice. The hoops and screens to jump through when you're out of space are in need of obvious improvement.