Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Could Go Beyond the Xbox

Posted on February 22, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 5 Comments

The Nintendo Switch Has Upended the Video Game Market

Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring its Xbox Game Pass subscription service to the Nintendo Switch. The company’s $9.99 a month subscription service gives Xbox One owners access to hundreds of games, including a lot of the brand new Xbox titles.

Direct-Feed Games is reporting (via MSPU) that Microsoft is soon going to expand Xbox Game Pass, going beyond the Xbox and Windows 10. The company is working on a new Xbox app for the Nintendo Switch that will give Switch owners access to Xbox Game Pass. It will also open up Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service for Nintendo Switch owners.

Redmond will reportedly bring a high profile Xbox One indie exclusive title to the Nintendo Switch as part of the expansion, and Ori and the Blind Forest could be making its way to the Switch as a result.

This is all just a rumour for the time being, by the way. But here is the thing: all of this has the potential to actually happen. We previously reported that Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to other platforms with a new cross-platform SDK next month, and that includes the Nintendo Switch. And so Xbox Game Pass making its way to the Switch makes a lot of sense.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have had a good relationship in recent times, especially with all the cross-platform deals. And with the new Xbox app for the Switch, Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service could bring a ton of new titles to the Switch that would otherwise be too powerful for the hardware. Things are about to get real interesting.

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