Microsoft Details Improvements Coming in Xbox System Update 1905

Posted on April 25, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out the first set of updates it expects to deliver in Xbox One System Update version 1905 to Insiders. These and more 1905 features will head out to all Xbox One users in May.

“We have a new update for Insiders to try out as the first set of 1905 features begins rolling out to the Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha rings tomorrow including a new feature for Xbox Game Pass, friends list updates and improvements to messaging,” Microsoft’s Bradley Rossetti announces.

Here’s what’s coming.

Play later. This new feature allows Xbox Game Pass subscribers to make a list of games that they wish to play in the future. This list can be managed on your Xbox or Game Pass mobile app.

Where your friends are playing. Your friends list will now show you where you friends are playing, meaning Xbox, PC, or mobile, using new icons.

Message requests. A new message requests feature in Xbox Messages prioritizes messages from your friends and anyone else you explicitly want to communicate. Messages from people you don’t know are separated into a message requests tab. So sort of like Focused Inbox in Outlook then.

Better sorting in My games & apps. The My games & apps screen no longer sorts on titles that start with “a,” “an,” or “the,” in the “Sort A-Z” and “Group by letter” views. (So, “The Witcher” will now fall under “w” and not “t” as God intended.)

In addition to these features, some Insiders may see some experiments that Microsoft is working on too. “These are designed to gauge interest and solicit feedback from a more focused group,” Microsoft explains.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Details Improvements Coming in Xbox System Update 1905”

  1. FullyLoaded

    What is the purpose of 'Play Later'? Does it start downloading the games so they will be installed and ready to go when you are?

    • ecumenical

      In reply to FullyLoaded:

      Had the same question. From the original post, it sounds to me like it's basically just a way to bookmark Game Pass games that you're interested in. Doesn't do any download management or anything.

      I'd actually love to have a queue type feature where you could add games to the list, and then ask for say the top 5 on the list to be automatically downloaded. And then if you uninstalled one of those titles (or maybe marked it as "done") it would automatically download and update game #6.

  2. IanYates82

    Great to see the change in sorting. So many games under "The"...

    With the "Play later" that sounds semi-useful for those who are either low on space or have limited bandwidth. Since I bought a large external HDD I'm just downloading anything that looks mildly interesting and giving it a try. So not a feature for me, but I do see it as being handy for many