Microsoft Releases July 2019 Xbox Update

Posted on July 8, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One with 3 Comments

Today, Microsoft released the July 2019 Xbox Update, bringing new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Skill for Alexa functionality to its consoles.

“Team Xbox has been busy cooking up new features for the July 2019 Xbox Update, which begins rolling out today,” Microsoft announced. “This update includes a new way to interact with Xbox Game Pass, additional countries for the Xbox Skill for Alexa, and new Xbox Skill for Alexa voice commands.”

Here’s what’s new.

Play later for Xbox Game Pass. The new Play later feature lets you make a list of games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog that you wish to play later. You can manage your collection from your console or the Game Pass mobile app.

New Alexa voice commands for Xbox Game Pass. Now, you can use Alexa to find out what’s new to Xbox Game Pass, what the popular games are, what’s leaving the catalog, and more. You can find a complete list of Alexa voice commands for Xbox Game Pass here.

Pair your controller to your Xbox with Alexa. Now, you can start pairing your controller with your Xbox: Say, “Alexa, ask Xbox to pair my controller” to put your console into pairing mode.

Xbox Skill for Alexa in More countries. Microsoft is adding Alexa support for customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Microsoft Releases July 2019 Xbox Update”

  1. gregsedwards

    No improvements for the Xbox skill for Cortana, though, right?

  2. mestiphal

    I used to be a Microsoft fanboy everything Microsoft, for me there was nothing better than Microsoft. we had the coolest assistant, even if over time it stayed behind, hey it was Cortana from Halo. Then Microsoft started cutting features everywhere, Windows, Windows Phone, seemed like every newer version had less features than the previous.. Xbox was as still not even officially supported in my country. Then my phone dies, I was forced to jump to Google, the evil guys.. the spies.

    I realized I really had nothing to hide... if Google wanted to track my phone, good, I wanted that info into Google Fit, at least I would get something out of it. if they want to read my e-mails (which I actually still use my account), all they would see is spam, and the occasional password reset e-mail.

    But having an Android phone, I wanted to try something else, and so I went with Google Home, got a Home, a mini, chromecast, and one a Marshall Multi-Room speaker at work. and after all of this, it seems I am still on the wrong side of everything again, just like when I was with Microsoft instead of Google. with Google Home I can control everything, except my xbox..

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