Microsoft Adds More Characters to Gears 5

Posted on October 16, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10, Xbox One with 0 Comments

Microsoft today announced that it has added four new hero and villain characters to the Gears 5 multiplayer experience.

“We’re evolving your Gears 5 multiplayer experience with four new characters: the COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden and General RAAM, the ruthless Locust military leader,” Microsoft’s Dana Sissons announced. “Every character added to Gears 5 will feature powerful multiplayer abilities to master. These new Heroes and Villains are available today and can be earned through gameplay or purchased in the in-game store.”

Additionally, Microsoft is updating Gears 5 with two new characters from the movie Terminator Dark Fate: Grace, featuring the voice of actress Mackenzie Davis, and the new Terminator model Rev-9. Microsoft previously added two other Terminator characters, T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah O’Conner, the latter of which is voiced by actress Linda Hamilton.

The COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden, and RAAM characters can earned through gameplay or by purchasing them for 500 Iron (in-game currency) each. The Terminator Dark Fate characters are as set for $20.

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