Microsoft Reveals “Most-Limited” Xbox Controller Design to date

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Xbox One with 5 Comments

Microsoft is revealing some new Xbox accessories for fans of the company’s gaming console. Ahead of X019, Microsoft is teaming up with a streetwear label for an exclusive new Xbox One controller design, and some clothing items.

The company is partnering with DPM Studio, which is part of Hardy Blechman’s London based streetwear label, maharishi. And since X019 is taking place in London, the collaboration makes perfect sense.

Microsoft and DPM Studio have come up with a custom camouflage design for the Xbox Wireless Controller as part of the collaboration. “Aquabrush is inspired by the traditional 1950’s lizard-brushstroke camouflage and the River Thames in London. The design brings together the origins of artistry in camouflage design and the celebration of the rich culture of the U.K., subtly integrating iconic landmarks in London and a section of the River Thames with the hallmark maharishi dragon,” Microsoft said.

The new controller is very limited in numbers, and Microsoft is making only 1,000 units. It’s also Microsoft’s “most limited-run” controller to date, so you will have to be quick if you want to grab one. The controller will be available on November 14 at 2 PM PST/10 PM BST, and it will sell for $99.99. Microsoft will make the controller available in a number of countries, but it will also be available for purchase in limited quantities at the flagship Microsoft Store in London’s Oxford Circus.

And if you want this design on yourself, Microsoft has partnered with Meta Threads and PinUSA to bring the X019 Aquabrush camouflage design to shirts, and a bomber jacket. There are even wallpapers for the design that you can find here.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Reveals “Most-Limited” Xbox Controller Design to date”

  1. jules_wombat

    Should have been a UK Only offer


  2. garrett

    Sure is fugly.

  3. hellcatm

    Its ugly. If someone gave me one (I wouldn't use it, it's just to ugly and would probably give me a headache), I'd keep it in the box hoping it would go up in price...but I wouldn't hold my breath.

  4. SvenJ

    Pacifist military design? Really? (Watch the video)

  5. musanna

    I like the design. But the button of this controller is so ugly. If the button design it will look perfect.


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