Microsoft Announces 1 TB Xbox One Console, New Controller, Wireless Adapter for Windows

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Microsoft Announces 1 TB Xbox One Console, New Controller, Wireless Adapter for Windows

Microsoft announced a number of new Xbox hardware devices today, including a new Xbox One console with a 1 TB hard drive, a new Xbox One wireless controller, and an adapter that lets you use the Xbox One controller with a Windows PC or device. Additionally, the original 500 GB Xbox One will retain its lower price point.

The announcements come just a week before E3, the gaming industry’s biggest trade show, so I’m a bit curious about the timing. But here’s what Microsoft announced.


Xbox One 1TB console. Available June 16 for $400, the new Xbox One 1 TB console features a 1 TB hard drive—compared to 500 GB in the original—a new matte finish, the newly redesigned Xbox One Wireless Controller (described below), and, in select markets for a limited time, a free copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Xbox One 512 GB console. The original version of the Kinect-less Xbox One console is now permanently priced at $350. You know, until they lower the price. (The $350 pricing was apparently temporary.)


Xbox One Wireless Controller. A new version of the Xbox One Wireless Controller features a new 3.5mm stereo headset jack so you can use any headset, including those that support volume and mute controls. Additionally, this new version of the controller supports wireless firmware updating (not more hunting around for a USB cable), improved bumpers performance, and better sounding audio. The new controller will ship with “future consoles moving forward” and can be purchased standalone.


Xbox One Special Edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller. In addition to the standard black controller, Microsoft will offer a cool new silver and black camouflage design called the Xbox One Special Edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller.


Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. Available this fall, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will let you use an Xbox One wireless controller with a Windows 10 PC, laptop, or tablet. It will cost $25, or $80 bundled with an Xbox One Wireless Controller.

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