Microsoft is Killing Xbox Fitness

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 0 Comments

Microsoft is Killing Xbox Fitness

Microsoft announced today that it is killing the Xbox Fitness app and service on Xbox One. Existing customers will be able to use purchased content through next June. But no new content will be offered for purchase.

I caught wind of this news from an Xbox Fitness user earlier today, as the app had warned him about the pending changes. But now its official.

“Given the service relies on providing you with new and exciting content regularly, Microsoft has given much consideration to the reality updating the service regularly in order to sustain it,” Microsoft’s Erica Bell revealed in a post to the Microsoft Studios blog. “Therefore, the decision has been made to scale back our support for Xbox Fitness over the next year.”

Here’s the schedule.

June 27, 2016. As of today, Microsoft is no longer making Xbox Fitness content available for purchase. Any content you’ve already purchased will continue to work, for one year, through June 27, 2017.

December 15, 2016. Microsoft will remove its “Free with Gold” offer for Xbox Fitness, meaning that Xbox Live Gold members will no longer be able to access the 30+ Xbox Fitness workouts that are currently available.

July 1, 2017. The Xbox Fitness will no longer be available to download from the Xbox Store, and will no longer work.

Xbox Fitness was an Xbox One launch title and it’s been updated regularly with new content from well-known physical trainers and new features over the past two and a half years. My wife actually used this app for a while, but found the console tough to work with.


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