Windows 10 Is Headed To The Xbox One On November 12th

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Brad Sams in Xbox One with 0 Comments

New Xbox One Experience Preview

Microsoft has announced that it will be bringing Windows 10 to all Xbox One consoles on November 12. The update, which delivers a bunch of new features that you can read about here in our preview of what to expect, also brings performance enhancements to the interface as well.

Anyone who has used the Xbox One with the current dashboard will know that it can be quite laggy when trying to invite friends or host a party chat. Fortunately, with Windows 10 on your Xbox One, the experience is much better and does away with most of the performance issues.

With the release of Windows 10 for the Xbox One, this will help boost Microsoft’s adoption of the OS as they count the Xbox installs as part of their overall figure as they pursue a billion installs within three years of the operating systems release.

Microsoft made the announcement on Twitter where the company is building up hype for its upcoming release of Halo 5 later this evening. The company is hoping that this flagship title will help drive sales of the console into the holiday season as the game franchise has a dedicated following.

Windows 10 on the Xbox One will help Microsoft expand its vision of one OS to run all of its devices. Currently, the OS is being used to run phones, tablets, desktop PCs, IoT devices and now a gaming console.

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