Microsoft Cuts Xbox One Price to $249

Posted on July 24, 2016 by Brad Sams in Xbox One with 0 Comments

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If you are looking for a new Xbox One console and the Xbox One S isn’t your cup of tea as you are looking for the best value, Microsoft is cutting the price on the original Xbox One, again. Announced today, anyone in the US can buy an Xbox One 500GB model for $249.99 while supplies last.

This price cut, which is only being offered in the US, is available at major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, the Microsoft Store is not listing the new price point as of this post, and the console comes with one game as well. Game options include Forza 6, Tomb Raider, Gears of War and Rare Replay.

This year, Microsoft has become aggressive with the pricing of its console to help push back against the success of the PS4. While Sony’s console has been outselling Microsoft’s device, the company did report last quarter that they had 49 million Xbox Live members.

Seeing as Microsoft prefers to position itself as a software and services company, they may be rethinking how they price their hardware with the goal of selling more units at lower margins while hoping to lock customers into servicing plans (Xbox Live). If the company is seriously considering this model across all of its devices, expect lower price points to become the new normal for Microsoft hardware at the expense of more up-selling once you own the device.

For anyone looking to pick up an Xbox One, at $249 plus a free game, it’s hard to beat the value the console offers. With deep Windows 10 integration, the Xbox One is an excellent gaming companion to the desktop PC.

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