Xbox One S Tip: Manage Your Games and Apps

Xbox One S Tip: Manage Your Games and Apps

Xbox One S owners can easily manage their games and apps from the newly refreshed My Games and Apps interface. Here, you can install and uninstall games, in-game content, and apps, and find the content you’ve already purchased.

In addition to the improved interface, My Games and Apps is also more easily accessible from the Dashboard: Just press the Xbox button on your controller to go home, and then press right on the d-pad and “A” to select the My Games and Apps tile.


My Games and Apps consists of five main views:

Games. Here, you will see all of the games installed on your console.


Apps. Ditto, but for apps.


Ready to install. This is your full game and app collection in the cloud. These are the items you’ve already purchased or (if free) downloaded in the past.


Updates. When available, this screen will display any pending game or app updates.

Queue. This is the download queue, where you can follow the progress of game and app installs.


To manage an installed game or app, select it in the Games, Apps, or Ready to install view and then press the Menu button on your controller. Select “Manage game” from the pop-up menu that appears.


From this screen, you can uninstall the game and any installed add-ins (sometimes called downloadable content, or DLC), install add-ins, and manage the data associated with the item.

Note: As with Windows 10, many built-in apps can not be uninstalled.

In the past, you would typically install game add-ins—for Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles—from within the game. But now you can do so from this interface: Just select Ready to install from any Manage game view and then select the add-ins you wish to install.


The items will be added to the download queue and installed when available. Note that you can manage the download queue, too. To push a particular download to the front of the queue, for example, you can select it in the Queue view, press Menu, and choose “Install now” from the pop-up menu.


You can also use the Manage game view to find more app/game-related content. Just select the “See in store” button to navigate to the item’s page in the Store, where you can find, buy and download add-ins you don’t already own.



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