Xbox One S Tip: Share Screenshots, Video Clips, and Achievements

Xbox One S Tip: Share Screenshots, Video Clips, and Achievements

The ability to interact with other game players on the Xbox Live network is a key benefit of owning any Xbox console. And on the Xbox One S, it’s now much easier to share screenshots, video clips, and achievements with your friends or with the world.

Note: Yes, these features work with any Xbox One console.

You can capture screenshots and video clips in a variety of ways from within Xbox One games. If you have a Kinect, you can say, “Xbox, screenshot” to capture the screen, or you can say, “Xbox, record that” to record the previous 30 seconds of game play. Those without Kinect can simply double-press the Xbox button to display the Guide and then press “Y” to capture a screenshot or “X” to record the previous 30 seconds in video form.


Before sharing anything, you should review your sharing settings. To do so, navigate to Home by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. Then, navigate to right (RB) to the Community view.


Select Go to settings to view Activity Feed settings, where you can determine what gets shared automatically. (You can also arrive here by navigating to Settings, Preferences, Activity Feed.)


Whether you share these items automatically to your feed or not, you can still share screenshots, video clips, and achievements as you see fit, and to other places. First, you need to find them.

You can view your captured screenshots and saved video clips with the Game DVR app. It’s located in My Games & Apps, but can you always pin it to Home if you’ll be sharing from the console a lot.


To share a screenshot or game clip, select it in the list and then press “A: (or the Menu button) on your controller.


Select “Share.” Here, you can choose where to share the screenshot: Your activity feed, via Xbox Message (a chat service for Xbox Live users), your Showcase (a part of your profile where you display an achievement and game clip you’re particularly proud of), Twitter, or OneDrive. Each works a bit differently, of course. For some choices, you can add a caption, for example.


Note: If you’d prefer to edit your video clips rather than just share the raw clip, you can do so in Windows 10: Just download the clip with the Xbox (or Xbox Beta) app, edit it with Movie Maker or your video editor of choice, and the share it with the Xbox (or Xbox Beta) app.

You can also share achievements. To find them, navigate to Guide (by pressing the Xbox button twice), Achievements, and then select “See my achievements.”


From here, scroll down and select a game to see the list of achievements you’ve received and have yet to achieve.


Now, select an achievement, and then choose “Share” from the display that pops up.


Which reminds me. I really should pick up the Call of Duty: Black Ops III single player campaign again. I never did finish that.


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