Microsoft Details December Update for Gears of War 4

Posted on December 1, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10, Xbox One with 4 Comments

Microsoft Details December Update for Gears of War 4

My, that’s quite a big, um, update you have.

Fans of the Xbox Play Anywhere title Gears of War 4 have a lot to look forward to this month: New maps, various updates and improvements, and, for Season Pass subscribers, bonus XP and Credit rewards.

Microsoft describes the December Update for Gears of War 4 as th second major update for this title; the first major update hit on November 1.

New to this update:

Two new multiplayer maps. Following the release of fan-favorite maps Checkout and Drydock last month, the December Update will likewise bring with it two new maps, on December 13, Speyer and Glory. Microsoft has created video flythroughs of each, which you can view here (Speyer) and here (Glory). Unfortunately, two maps, Gridlock and Relic, are likewise being removed from the game’s public playlists, though you can buy them separately if you want to keep playing.

Various updates and improvements. Responding to gamer feedback, Microsoft is adding a Daily Rewards system, improved visual feedback for damage dealt with the Gnasher, a vertical split-screen experience for Windows 10 players, improvements to footstep audio balance, and other improvements in the December Update. Other improvements—including “a pre-game lobby for Core and Competitive as well as a number of punitive tools to discourage or prevent quitting”—are coming soon too.

Additional Credits and XP for Season Pass Holders. Season Pass subscribers will now earn additional XP and Credit rewards when playing the Developer Playlist during the week it’s first available. As before, Season Pass holders will also get early access to new maps (December 6 in this case) and have access to all DLC maps permanently for use in Versus and Horde Private Matches.

“Gearsmas”. According to Microsoft, “the Gears Holiday tradition of ‘Gearsmas’ will be returning in style, with new content to earn through play, special holiday heads and a new Special Event featuring a wintery twist on a classic Gears of War weapon.” Microsoft will provide more info about “Gearsmas” soon, it says.


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Details December Update for Gears of War 4”

  1. 5234

    Looks like Junon.

  2. 2000

    Definitely my go-to multiplayer game with my friends! I also love that it's Xbox Play Anywhere. If the wife or kids take up the living room TV where my Xbox One is, I can always play on my Windows 10 PC in my bedroom. UWP games are starting to hit their strides along with the Xbox app integration. I have no complaints running it on my computer--it feels like playing on Xbox when playing with a controller which I always do. Now if they could somehow create an Xbox UI "shell" sort of like Steam Big Picture mode, that would be great! Then I wouldn't have to minimize the game, open the Xbox app, fiddle with Windows sounds and this and that...It would make the PC just like an Xbox (when you want it to be, of course). And be able to use the Guide button to return to the Xbox home screen.

  3. 367

    I have never played GOW...until now. The reason...ultra 4k and play anywhere. I updated my system with a new 4k monitor and 1080 graphics card and Bose speakers. The result:  Best playing experience ever! Complete the game in one weekend! I will upgrade my Xbox in 2017 with the NEW system! Paul, you should really get a 4k monitor! And many thanks for your reporting.

    New to GOW at 61 years!