This Xbox One S with Two Free Games is Only $229 … But You Have to Act Fast

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 5 Comments

This Xbox One S with Two Free Games is Only $229 ... But You Have to Act Fast

It’s been hard keeping up with all of the rotating deals that Microsoft has offered this holiday season. But if you’re still in the market for an Xbox One S, you need to look at this deal, and then move very quickly. This is a one-day deal only.

The Microsoft Store is now offering the Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites bundle for just $229. If this is of any interest to you, go buy it. Right now.

Done? Good. You just got the Xbox One S deal of the season, I think. Here’s why this deal is special:

This console bundle normally costs $299. Like other Xbox One S consoles/bundles, it has been priced at 50 off through December 24, but this special temporary sale lops another $20 off that sale price. So this is $70 off before you even consider the next half of this deal…

This console bundle comes with two (or more) free games. As the name suggests, you get Minecraft for Xbox One, of course. But this bundle also includes Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites PackMinecraft Builder’s Pack, and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. Yikes! But wait, there’s more: For a limited time, you also get another free game. Which game you get will vary: According to Microsoft, this is limited to “free games available and subject to change.” Game choices include Assassin’s Creed SyndicateHasbro Family Fun PackJust Dance 2016, Just Dance: Disney Party 2, or Watch Dogs.

Again, you gotta move fast here.

To be clear, what you’re getting here, console-wise, is the base Xbox One S with a 500 GB hard drive (HDD) and a single Xbox One Wireless Controller. All in white.

Now buy it. 🙂

And, a tip of the hat to Neowin for seeing this deal first.


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5 responses to “This Xbox One S with Two Free Games is Only $229 … But You Have to Act Fast”

  1. 2585

    If you don't care about the additional "pick a" game, Costco members can get this exact item for $219 right now.

  2. 412

    Thank you my daughter finally gets her TV/XBOX in her room wish from Santa...against Daddy's better judgement...thank goodness for the very useful WINDOWS FAMILY SAFETY. :) 

  3. 5553

    The battery problem of MacBook Pro had been a major concern in the tech market as many believed that Apple may be hiding the truth behind the glitch. While it achieved top-grossing sales record when it was released, bad reviews from MacBook Pro owners slowed the market momentum of the flagship device of the Cupertino conglomerate.?

  4. 5553

    In reply to jbuccola:but I want a racing game or Halo.


  5. 5553

    Missed it by 45 min. But Costco deal better.