Now You Can Customize an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Too

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 0 Comments

Now You Can Customize an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Too

As you may know, Microsoft offers Xbox Wireless Controller customization via its Xbox Design Lab service. But now you can customize an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller too.

No, not via the Xbox Design Lab, but thanks to a third party service called SCUF ELITE.

“We’re excited to share a new range of Designed for Xbox products from SCUF that have been built specifically for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller,” Microsoft’s Matt Kesselring explains. “The new options for your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will help elevate your game to the next level.”

As that quote suggests, SCUF ELITE doesn’t work exactly like the Xbox Design Lab. (And if you’re wondering why Microsoft doesn’t just offer Xbox Design Lab functionality for the Elite Controller, I’m going to guess it has to do with volume: This is the type of thing that makes sense for a smaller company like SCUF, but not for Microsoft.)

Instead, SCUF ELITE is a customization program that offers a broader range of unique designs and color treatments than we see with Xbox Design Lab, in that it’s not just the colors you’re customizing, but also the materials and designs of different components, including the controller faceplate, buttons, trim and more.

As you may know, the incredible Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is an expensive but premium-quality take on the standard Xbox Wireless Controller (OK, really its predecessor, the Xbox One Wireless Controller). And one of its key advantages is that it’s modular: You can swap out the thumbsticks and D-pad, and can add flippers to the back, increasing and improving your control.

SCUF ELITE takes advantage of this modularity by providing customers with unique thumbsticks, D-pad, and flipper designs in a variety of materials. And then it goes further by providing custom and textured grip handles, faceplates, and trims. As the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is to the standard controller, SCUF ELITE basically takes the Xbox Design Lab to 11. It’s just much more involved.

Since the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is already so expensive—I one described it as the BMW M-class of controllers, as it costs $150, or about $90 more than a standard controller—you won’t be surprised to hear that SCUF ELTE controllers will put a dent in your wallet. But the good news is that prices start at just $150, the same price as a “base” Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. But you also just purchase paddle, thumbstick, grip, and D-pad kits to deck out your existing Elite controller.

You can learn more, and customize your own controller, at the SCUF ELITE website.


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