More Creators Update Features Are Coming to Xbox Insiders Tomorrow

Posted on January 25, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 11 Comments

More Creators Updates Features Are Coming to Xbox Insiders Tomorrow

Microsoft today revealed that three additional Creators Update features will be provided to Xbox Insiders tomorrow. These are in addition to the features it announced earlier this week. (And will arrive concurrently with a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build that will also provide some new gaming features.)

The bad news? As with the previous update, only a very limited group of people will see these new features tomorrow.

“Earlier this week, select Insider members saw new features such as the updated Home, Guide, and refreshed multitasking for Xbox One,” Microsoft Scott Henson writes. “Tomorrow’s update includes a few more features releasing for Xbox One owners soon. These new features are releasing to a subset of Insiders starting tomorrow, with more Xbox Insider Program members receiving these in the coming weeks.”

Here’s what’s new.

New Cortana features for games. Microsoft will be adding additional Cortana updates for gaming. These include voice controls for Party commands and using Cortana to play music. “We’re streamlining the UI and improving things behind the scenes to make your experience better,” Henson writes. (These are in addition to the Cortana features Microsoft released earlier in the week.)

Screen time. With this update, Xbox One is getting a parental controls feature called screen time that debuted first in Windows 10. “Set daily time allowance and limits on the web for each child,” Henson explains. “Your Xbox will pick those limits up and enforce them whenever the child is signed in.”

Beam streaming. Soon, you will be able to stream game sessions to Beam directly from the new Guide. The ability to manage your Beam broadcasts and interact with fellow gamers on chat will appear as overlays, Microsoft says.

I can’t wait to experience these changes.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “More Creators Update Features Are Coming to Xbox Insiders Tomorrow”

  1. 1272

    That's my feature!! (Screen time limits on Xbox) Woooo!

  2. 6844

    "I can’t wait to experience these changes."

    Hint. Hint. Come on Microsoft, throw the guy a frickin' bone.

  3. 5554

    Update is postponed while Dona Sarkar & friends pull their heads out.. 

    • 5530

      In reply to PeteB:

      do you know that Dona is an actual software engineer? She may be head of the Windows Insider Program now but she absolutely shares vocabulary with the engineers. They know what they're doing.

  4. 10225

    Screen time... finally!

  5. 217

    The screen time limit is a very smart feature.

  6. 8292

    Is the screen time feature only for child accounts?  I need this for my main account too.

    • 1272

      In reply to David_Wells:
      I hope this question isn't because you're sharing one sign in with your whole family!
      Yes, you just need to create yet another Microsoft account to serve as the logical "parent" account, and go invite your main account to be a child at (My personal MSA is a "child" in this way, since I work on this stuff and I have to make sure it's always working well.)
  7. 1243

    While I like the new features in Screen Time, I am a bit put off by the UI. I'm sorry, but Windows 10 has a horrid UI. From the tiny text, to the little toggles, it just feels like a huge step backwards after Metro.