Microsoft Brings FPS Boost to Backward Compatible Games

Posted on February 17, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X with 4 Comments

A new Xbox Series X|S feature called FPS Boost will improve the experience of playing some Backward Compatible games on the new consoles, Microsoft says.

“The backward compatibility team has developed FPS Boost, which employs a variety of new methods for nearly doubling (and in a few instances, quadrupling) the original framerate on select titles,” Microsoft’s Paul Eng writes in the announcement post. “We partnered closely with developers to enhance the experience while maintaining the game’s original intent. And while not applicable to all games, these new techniques can push game engines to render more quickly for a buttery smooth experience beyond what the original game might have delivered due to the capabilities of the hardware at the time.”

The first games to support FPS Boost are Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2. These titles were chosen not just for their popularity, Microsoft says, but because they highlight what a difference this new feature can make. New Super Lucky’s Tale, for example, now runs at up to 120 frames per second (fps) on the new consoles.

More FPS Boost-compatible games are coming soon, too, and that includes Xbox Game Pass. And a spring 2021 update for Xbox will add a new “Compatibility Options” button in the Manage Game interface for each title that will let gamers toggle FPS Boost and Auto HDR on or off.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Brings FPS Boost to Backward Compatible Games”

  1. yoshi

    Awesome stuff by the Xbox team.

  2. dftf

    Xbox team: we're committed to ensuring as-many OG Xbox games will run on your latest Xbox Series consoles as-possible, and we'll even create patches to make them run at higher framerates, resolutions and maybe even see if we can do some other hackery, such as adding new achievements or seeing if we fake bump-mapping or ray-tracing.

    Windows team: yeah, no, sorry, Windows 10 isn't here to run your old MS-DOS and Windows 9x games, are you mad -- well, the 64-bit won't, but you might have better-luck with the 32-bit version. But when we say we care about backwards-compatibility, we only mean business apps, not games. Haven't you ever heard of DOSBox, or running Windows 9x inside a virtualisation solution?

  3. argrubbs

    I tried out Far Cry 4 on my Series X and it was so much better than playing at 30 fps on the One X. It actually made the game much more enjoyable and playable. I also ran New Super Lucky's Tale on my gaming monitor at 120hz, and it was significantly smoother and just felt more responsive overall.

    The folks over there at Xbox are doing amazing work.

  4. saint4eva

    This is cool feature. It is going to bring even more cool classic games to Xbox.

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