Report: Microsoft Has Sold 12 Million Xbox Series X|S Consoles

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S with 20 Comments

Niko Partners reported this week that Microsoft has now sold over 12 million Xbox Series X and S consoles despite global supply chain issues.

“This would put Xbox Series X|S over 12 million shipped according to our estimates,” Niko’s Daniel Ahmad tweeted. “The dual [model] strategy has paid off for Microsoft amid the supply chain issues [and] semiconductor shortage. Increased production of [Xbox Series] S allowed for more Xboxes on shelves than if they only had X.”

That shows some agility on Microsoft’s part. As you may recall, Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer had predicted in 2020 that the firm would sell more Xbox Series X consoles upfront because fans would want to snap up the more capable console. But he also predicted that Xbox Series S would sell better in the long run. But by prioritizing the lower-cost console, Microsoft was able to up its numbers.

Microsoft is unlikely to ever confirm any hard numbers. But in an interview with The New York Times, Spencer said that the Xbox Series X|S has already outsold all previous generation Xbox consoles despite the supply chain issues.

“When you think about trying to go get an Xbox or a new PlayStation right now in the market, they’re really hard to find,” he said. “And it’s not because supply is smaller than it’s ever been. Supply is actually as big as it’s ever been. It’s that demand is exceeding the supply for all of us. So it’s our job to get the supply there to meet that demand.”

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Report: Microsoft Has Sold 12 Million Xbox Series X|S Consoles”

  1. nbplopes

    “… Spencer said that the Xbox Series X|S has already outsold all previous generation Xbox consoles despite the supply chain issues.”


  2. SenorGravy

    In the future, I'd like to see an OEM have plenty of stock on hand for everybody at a new console launch, even if it means a delayed launch date. It took me almost a year to obtain my XBSX and PS5, and it shouldn't be that hard. I live in West Texas and to this day have not seen a single Xbox or PS5 on a store shelf.

    • Dan

      The Series S are in stock everywhere and have been for a while.

  3. colin79666

    If the experience in the UK is reflective of the worldwide picture then they will have sold the series S to X in a 10:1 ratio. Pre Christmas you couldn't find the X in stock anywhere but usually get an S at the first or second retailer you tried. In true Microsoft organisation fashion come 26th December stock levels of the series X significantly improved.

  4. brothernod

    Does anyone have the current Playstation 5 numbers?

    • Paul Thurrott

      Last I saw was 13.4 million units from last October. Given the holiday season, maybe 20m?

      • Donte

        Over at VGchartz.....they are saying PS5 17.25 million.....Xbox Series S/S 11.48 million.

      • brothernod

        Thanks, i guess i owe my buddy a ps5 game. I thought for sure Microsoft could out supply chain Sony.

        • Sprtfan

          I saw an article on Bloomberg a while back said that Sony cut their projection on sales of the PS5 to 15 million by the end of March 2022 due to supply chain issues. The number was revised down from earlier estimates and mentioned canceling some orders due to supply. Not sure how good their sources are though but looks like it out sold the xbox either way you look at it. Looks like you are out the price of a ps5 game.

  5. djr1984

    I recently switched my Xbox One X for a Series S. The only reason for the switch was when I witnessed the Quick Resume feature on a friends Xbox X.

    Immediate sale, I'm someone who hates loading times and this ability was the killer feature for me.

    • mmurfin87

      Odd, my One X already has the ability to do what I would call Quick Resume. I've often turned off the console mid halo and come back the next evening into the same spot with no loading times. Just straight into the games pause menu where I can click start and being playing.

    • davehelps

      Yes, I use a Series S in my home office, and a Xbox One S in my living room. Quick Resume in general and loading times in particular make it a very worthwhile upgrade.

      Two caveats:

      1. Quick Resume only works for games on the internal SSD, or on the external memory card that costs about the same as the Xbox. The Series S only has about 350 GB of usable space, and that extra memory card bumps the total price to almost as much as the Series X (if you can find one).
      2. I am having a LOT of issues with controllers when using Quick Resume. Some games (e.g. Hitman) don't recognise button presses after resuming; Halo Infinite logs you out and you have to quit and restart (known issue, fix coming); and my steering wheel loses force feedback in F1 2021. In all cases, the fix is to quit the game and reload, which thanks to the crazy fast storage, doesn't take long.

      • darkgrayknight

        I've seen the controller issues, but it appears to actually be an issue per game. After some updates for the games, the quick resume has been working much better.

        Halo Infinite has been fairly impressive in its quick resume, going even days paused where I left it.

    • yoshi

      That's been the biggest selling point this generation. I couldn't imagine going backwards just for load times alone.

      • Donte

        I have a lunch day XSX and I am not a fan of quick resume. I quit out of games to avoid it.

        Some games just do not like it. When you resume them they will do things like tell you they are not connected to the network and the only way to connect them is to quite the game and come back in. This mostly happens to MP games, but I have seen it happen to a game I was playing the single player portion of it.

        The thing that makes the Xbox great is game pass. Without it I would have a PS5.

        Lots of little changes are happening in this space. Xbox PC game pass has gotten so much the point that I have played Halo Infinit and Forza 5 on my gaming PC, which is more powerful than my XSX. Also, more and more games are forced cross play, with no option to turn them off. Fornite, Apex, Halo, Forza, Chivalry 2, BF 2042, Warzone. This trend is ramping up fast. I moved from the PC back to the Xbox to get away from PC cheating and games that die off fast. Only now I can't, so I am back to the PC where my games run the best.

  6. MoopMeep

    Is it getting better or on the verge of becoming easier to get an X? I notice Best Buy has the 'Series X All Access' version. I'm guessing people don't want to do a credit application or gamepass?

    • christianwilson

      I suspect a lot of people either don't want, or can't get, the line of credit for All Access. It isn't hard to get a Series X if you go the All Access route.

      • garumphul

        Funnily enough, I upgraded my OneX All Access to Series X in February of last year. Took me all of 30 minutes to find one once the upgrade confirmation went through, got it about 2 days later. I understand that's definitely not the typical experience, so I do wonder if they keep a small stash aside for All Access customers.

        Who knows.

        Personally I love the All Access deal, but I get what you're saying.

        • christianwilson

          I bought mine through All Access a few weeks before Christmas when I saw had Series X in stock. By the time I went to purchase, they had sold out. However, purchasing through Xbox All Access was available. I went that route and the console delivered later that week.

          That was mid-December. I have checked several times since then (including today) and you can still buy them via Xbox All Access.

          I think you are right. They must keep some supply on reserve for All Access customers.